Thursday, December 27, 2012

India A Dictatorship From 2004!

  India is a DICTATORSHIP,from 2004,though the Indira Congress party is a Minority and is in Coalition.The following are alarming by the DICTATORIAL way they were achieved.Some Regional parties were blackmailed and [possibly BRIBED, into submission.:-
1.The Indo-US Nuclear Deal
2.FDI in Multi-brand Retail.
   Under-recoveries,being misused by the OMCs is a LIE and it is being continued.This is a 2 G Spectrum Scam on an ANNUAL BASIS from 2005,instead of being a one-off affair,as the original Telecom Sector Scam.
    The disregard for SEBI, regarding the Share-Holding pattern of LIC, by this Coalition is another instance,M M Singh is slowly becoming a DICTATOR!......
To be continued......

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Power Trading In India

   The Power Trading Scam,in the USA,was the reason for this post,as Power Trading is practised in India,through Bourses.Power has been converted from a Utility into a Commodity!
FDI in Power Bourses!
   The danger of the US scam getting replicated in India is very high......
India's Power exchanges:-
2.IEX India. MORE on IEX.
     And here is the danger.A SAARC-based Electricty Market is being contemplated by over 30 Power Trading exchanges across the Globe....Globalization?Conversion of SAARC into a EU-Clone?the decision to sell 500MW Power to Pakistan,is very significant and diabolical,in this context.
To be continued........ 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trilateral Commission II

  The original Trilateral Commission was among the USA,Japan and Canada...This LINK,quotes an article,dated 10th May,2008, says India and China may be "invited" to the TC.
   To the best of this writer's knowledge,China so far has not been a member,of TC.And TC II,is especially,directed against China!!!
   THIS link is a must read!

Trilateral Commission II among India,USA and Japaan is a very great threat to india's Sovereignty and non-alignment[?]
To be continued.....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

M M Singh Asks PSUs to Invest Excess Cash Or,Pay Special Dividend.IMF,World Bank,Bilderberg,G-20, Diktat?

M M Singh Asks PSUs to Invest Excess Cash  Or,Pay Special Dividend.IMF,World Bank,Bilderberg,G-20, Diktat?
M M Singh takes orders from his masters,outside India.
      The use of the Funds of LIC to prop up the Stock Markets a demand by Tim Geithner,in 2010,of Pranab Mukherjee,the then Finance Minister.Very few now,that the Stock,Commodities and Currency Markets are for STEALING THE WEALTH of INDIVIDUALS by the Globalist Bankers, misusing the unregulated and highly leveraged,Derivatives.The Globalist Bankers,vehemently,oppose any regulation on either the derivatives or themselves.The Globalist bankers,have INSIDE INFORMATION,due to contact with the GOI.Many,like M M Singh and Montek Singh Ahuliwalia,etc are NOT EVEN ELECTED by the people of India to the Lok Sabha, and are former employees of the IMF and World Bank or have been deputed to these on some pretext or the other. Pulok Chatterjee and Raghuram Rajan are examples.
      The Oligarchs have been offered huge concessions and SUBSIDIES,in the form of STIMULI[IMF's and World Bank's language for subsidy to the RICH]from 2008. Kejriwal claims that his is about Rs 13 Lakh Crores so far and continue to receive them.  
        The Private Cos are, reported to be, sitting on a huge pile of cash.Why,they are not asked to invest,but are offered HUGE SUBSIDIES?Stopping these will reduce the HUGE Fiscal Deficit.But M M Singh wants to keep the same high[inflation,also],to :-
i)ERODE the "wealth" of Indians
ii)Usher in the anti-National and pro-MNC policies.
      M M Singh kis a member,Club Of Rome,just like Gorbachev,who "dissolved" the erstwhile USSR.

Will be updated.....

Thursday, October 18, 2012

J.P.Morgan Has The Permission To "Naked short", Silver?

  Does J.P.Morgan the ONLY dominant player in Silver market,have the permission,from the powers that be,to manipulate Silver markets?
  Ted Butler,seems to think so,in an article dated 15th June,2012.
Add the REPEAL of Glass-Steagall Act to this.This is also known as THE BANKING ACT OF 1933.What do these convey?
That SOME ARE ABOVE LAW,and are themselves the Government.
It is worth noting that M M Singh is trying ti bring a similar situation in India with PPP,NMIZ etc,which will make Oligarchs above law.PPP and NMIZs do not come under the purview of CAG and CVC the main watch-dogs of India.
      India is a Dictatorial or Police State now........
Tom be continued.....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Donations To Foreign Universities By Indians.......

    Foreign Universities,especially those of the USA and the UK are reported to be FRONTS for the;likes of CIA,MI,MI6 etc.They receive a lot of Donation from Indians who were former Students.......In return,it seems,they are PLANTED in positions of influence in the GOI.......or new ones created for their sake.This shows how much India has been infiltrated by various methods.......This enables,these people[the former Students who donate],to be occupied far beyond their age of retirement,while Common Indians have to retire by the AGE OF 60,or take VRS,earlier...
1.Nandan Nilekani
       Donated $ 5 Million,to the Yale University.
He is the Chief of Aadhaar,a Surveillance tool,for One World Totalitarian Government. Aadhaar is also called UID, and is covertly being made compulsorily.
     One of the many examples of a person NOT EVEN ELECTED holding a responsible position in the GOI,deciding the Destiny of India!!!

2.Ratan Tata
                     Donates to Harvard,a reported CIA front.$50 Million
3.Joginder nath,WVU genetics professor,Gifts Art Museum to the University [West Virginia]..
4.Anand MAHINDRA donates $10 Million to Harvard.
5.Anil Ambani gift to Wharton,University Of Pennsylvania.Minimum $ 1 million,as per the link.......
   Anil,Ambani reportedly had a quarrel and broke off relationship[BUSINESS],with his elder brother for becoming an Independent Member of the Rajya Sabha in 2004,with the support of the Samajwadi Party,which has been rescuing the Indira Congress party from the UPA I-days,of the so-called,"Indo-US Nuclear Deal". .
To be continued.........

Monday, October 15, 2012

India is in Danger With CRUEL People As Watch-Dogs!

  The present Prez of India,[as on 15.10.2012],has recommended the alignment of the Indian prices of the petroleum Fuels with the Global ones.This is most cruel and shows a lack of knowledge or UTTER ARROGANCE,most probably the latter.India,under the Indira Congress party is controlled by the Blderberg,Rothschilds,Club Of 300 and Club f Rome,of which M M Singh is a member,The aims of Club Of Rome,are,reported to be:-
2.Shattering economics of Nations.
  Gorbachev is,probably, responsible for the "dismantling" of the erstwhile USSR.M M Singh is also doing the same to India,on the diktats of his,Western  Masters.
      Coming back to the matter in question,
His recommendation is CRUEL as:-
1.The income of average Indians is far below that of the International one.
2.Per capita income of Indians is low,even after the MAJOR contribution to the same by a few Billionaires!
     One is surprised by the lack of knowledge and empathy by the "watch dogs".......
Tom be continued.......

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Formula 1 At Buddh,Noida,2012,Illuminati Event.....

  Last year F1 took place,very near to Halloween [31/10/2012]e around 28/10/2012.
Countdown to this year's even has started.
  As an example,it is reported on 17/10/2012,that Paris Hilton,a reported porn Artiste will take part in a Fashion Show,in Goa,this month........
  I have started an article on this,because it is an ILLUMINATI GLOBALIST event,cloaked, like many other things,in Sports,Music,Fashion,Movies,etc.Association with Drugs,Alcohol[?],Espionage,Money-laundering and other unethical banking practices in the form of a CARRIER of papers,Money,messages, etc are suspected[by me].F1 and the events associated with it and occurring, simultaneously around the GLOBE,has a very great significance,like acceptance of the host nations in the Illuminati Fold,etc etc.........If one is alert,one can read many things,that may take place in the FUTURE....
a)Gillard visits India in October,2012 and:-
i)Talks about Uranium sales to India.very significant as Australia is very stringent,in matter concerning Nuclear Energy etc, and wants India to sign the NPT.Has M M Singh already done so,as he capitulated to Bush in 2005?
ii)An Indian cricketer is AWARDED BY THE Aussie Government.Confirms the fact,that the Illuminati misuse Sports and related events.....
   Is this a sign of improved relations with Australia? What is the price paid by M M Singh,at India's cost?
                   Australia's Westpac opens its FIRST BRANCH in Mumbai,India,as per announcer today,in Mumbai.
   Social Engineering with the ones mentioned in the above paragraph,is one of the most important aims of F1,Music,Fashion,Movies,sports events in which Cheer Leaders are used, etc.....
   i)Tattoos are being,CUNNINGLY [MIS]used for Navaratri.The following photo is from the Hindu dated 21/10/2102,online edition:-
ii)HERE,I leave ti to the reader to make up his/her own mind.
  Il Duce and M M Singh,promote Aadhaar,a Surveillance Tool,which will become dangerous with such proposed entities,like NCTC,a DHS-clone. By cash payments banks will benefit,as this is similar to Food Stamps,in the USA,in which the US Bankers are reported to be making a lot of money..Inflation will eat away the subsidy amount in the long run.The hand of the World Bank is very strongly suspected.The Father of Aadhaar,Nandan Nilekani,has connections with the yale university,a reported,CIA front.
     From the following photo from the link above,one can judge who the de facto PM of India is!Note how embarrassed M M Singh is!

Watch the Media Hype with Titbits and Trivia.Note the events taking place around the Globe simultaneously.More HYPE.

More Videos before/on BUDDH ,2012 event here.
Subtle attack on India's Sovereignty in India itself,by the Italian Ferrari........Il Duce is an Italian....
Cabinet reshuffle on the day of F1. Foreign influence?F1 has connotations with "F":-FOREIGN?
Salman Khurshid is made Foreign Minister.On 30/10/2012,Cricket Tour by Pakistan approved by the Indira Congress party-led Coalition!!!
 To be continued.....

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Club Of 300 And India's petroleum Fuel Policy,under M M Singh,member,Club Of Rome....

      It is widely suspected that in 2004 a regime change was achieved by the Global Elites in India and M M Singh,member,Club Of Rome,a child of Club Of 300,was appointed as PM of India with a deft and deceptive manipulation.......

After 2004 India's Petroleum Industry is targeted for Policy Changes favouring the Rothschilds and Mittal,both member's Club Of 300[lAKSHMI MITTAl,Rothschilds].M M Singh is member Club Of Rome.
Vikram Singh Mehta,member Club Of Rome India a child of both Club Of 300 and Club Of Rome,is CEO Shell India[a Rothschilds Co in collaboration with Total of France].he was ADVISOR to the Ministry Of Petroleum And NG for FOUR years.In 2004,Shell India got 100% FDI Clearance in LNG marketing,with a terminal in Hazira,Gujarat.This is a very shrewd business move, as cooking in India will later be converted to LNG as the Fuel.In Delhi Kerosene is discouraged and freebies are being offered by this Union Territory Government to encourage the use of LNG as the cooking  medium.The huge number of households in India, is a very lucrative market...
    The proposed New LNG Policy seems to be for favouring the Rothschilds.
    The shocking hikes and deregulation of petroleum fuels,especially after about 27th April 2012,when the Bhatnda Refinery,a PPP=-affair between HPCL and Mittal Energy Investment Ltd [MEL],, is also for the benefit of the Rothschilds Mittal and the private players in India.
       During the inauguration of the Commissioning of the Bhatinda refinery M M Singh hinted at price hikes of petroleum fuels,as usual not failing to mention about "India's Poor",in his "double-speak",so hypocritical of him and his elk!
      It is to be noted that the Rothschilds,through their ERANDA FOUNDATION have started a Scholarship for Indian Students, in the Cambridge University,inn the name of M M Singh.
     Shell India has since has signed, a MOU with ONGC.India's oil Sector INFILTRATED!
To be continued......

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Letter To The President Of India,dated,2/8/2012

Your Excellency,Honourable president,
                                     Congratulations in becoming the 13th President of India.It shows how popular you are.May you achieve more and more successes on your on your personal behalf and on the country's, too.Crores of Pranams to Your Excellency.  
                                     My grievances,are in the following areas:-
1.The pricing of petroleum products by the OMCs
     Please use the following links:-
    This repeats,the grievance, in the letter I had written to the 12th president Of India.

2.The "concessions" to the private players,in PPP-based Infrastructure.
                      While there is a hue and cry,regarding subsidies to the POOR,the above is nothing but SUBSIDY to the rich,Indian and Foreign.This is also MASSIVE TRANSFER of tax-payers' money to the two mentioned above.In this context,the STIMULI,started in 2008 and,still,reported to be continuing, also constitutes,TRANSFER of WEALTH from the Citizens to the two mentioned above.The stimuli have resulted in MASSIVE erosion of the "wealth" of the Indians,from 2008.
     If this huge amount is used, for starting profitable PSUs,employment will also increase.
     Items 1 and 2 are causes for the very HUGE Fiscal Deficit from,2009.Further concessions will increase the already high Fiscal Deficits.
      I hope Your Excellency will help the POOR,Middle Class and the Fixed-Income groups,who are finding it more and more difficult,to make both ends meet.And also the Nation,as regards the Fiscal deficits.
      Thanking Your Excellency,
Yours truly,
Your Request/Grievance is Registered Successfully!!
Your Request/Grievance Registration Number is : PRSEC/E/2012/

Note: Kindly note your Request Registration Number for further references

Saturday, July 21, 2012

BAN Foreign-Funded NGOs.

Foreign-Funded NGOs seem to be wrecking havoc in India and they have to be BANNED.But these NGOs are working for the Indira congress party,as it is a slave of Bilderberg.
CIA,Mossad and MI6 are suspected to be using these as FRONTs for mischief,which strongly suspected to include;-
4.Gujjar Agitation in Rajasthan in 2008
6.The rape and murder of a 11-year-old Hindu girl by 4 Muslim boys and later the Community imitating Godhra,in UP,in June,2012.A Godhra-clone
7.The humiliation of a aged Christian Couple in Jharkhand,recently.
  Common to all these are;-
i)They happen in non-Indira cpongress party-ruled states
ii)."THE VICTMS" are Minorities or Dalits!
iii)The frequency and number increase as the Elections approach.And elections are due in 2012 thro 2014.....
v)These incidents are GLADIO-CLONES!

To be continued......

Monday, July 9, 2012

False Flag yet Again to cheat Indians....

  The Indira Congress party,seems to revel in making monkeys of Indians...The latest is the Air India Plane Emergency landing in Pakistan!
1.Confidence Building Measure by showing Pakistan in good light, creating sympathy for that nation among Indians,though it misuses Terror and Fake Indian Currencies,to shatter India's Economy.Many Pakistanis do not return to Pakistan but remain in India and carry out espionage activities.These three, reasons,make Indians suspect Pakistan's every move.
2.Entry of Pakistani Cricketers in IPL.
3.Items 1 and 2 misuse for Trade with Pakistan
   The appeasement by a CONFIDENCE TRICK, is rather too much and is extremely dangerous for India.
Will be updated.....

Friday, June 22, 2012

India-USA Strategic Dialogue III,June,2012.NCTC,a DHS Clone a great Threat To Freedom!

India-USA Strategic Dialogue III,June,2012.
  It is not surprising that this has taken place after the Bilderberg SECRET Annual meeting in Virginia,USA.Hillary Clinton is a Bilderberger.
1.Major threat for India is NCTC[DHS of the USA].This is to convert India into a Police State with Surveillance and Terrorism on the Citizens by the Indira Congress party,which is already a Dictator,reminding one of Indira Gandhi's Emergency.
To be continued.....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shenanigans Before,State Assembly And Lok Sabha Elections...

1.Bilderberg and its lackey Indira Congress party seem to be at their worst,with mischief with the Lok Sabha polls which may take place anytime now.Assembly Elections,2012, are also eyed by these two.
2.Nitish Kumar has ambitions to be PM of India but lacks the charisma...Bill Gates seems to be controlling him and Akilesh Yadav.
4.14-year-old student in Tamil Nadu school,forced to drink Urine.This is for "outcome based education".For this the TEACHER has to be eliminated to be replaced by a FACILITATOR.hence this mischief by NGOs.This is going on in the USA despite protests by Teachers and parents who WILL lose control of their children. Hence Teachers are targeted by Foreign-Funded, NGOs,who have to be Banned.

To be continued....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

:Letter To the President Of India

Your Excellency Madam President,
                               CRORES of Pranams to you.I have made a grievance to your Excellency, regarding the so-called,"under-recoveries" of the PSU Oil Marketing Cos.Under-recoveries,grab a huge chunk of the National Exchequer,and have been doing so from ONLY 2005,AND NOT BEFORE.This is a very significant point.
                               Refining of Crude Oil is done in India but pricing,of the petroleum products thus produced,(IN India),and marketed by the PSU OMCs, is on the basis of International Benchmark,that too in US Dollars.THIS SHOULD BE IN RUPEES,BASED ON TOTAL REFINING COST.
                               Landed cost is misused,in the above,as refining is done in India.Landed cost applies ONLY for IMPORTED items,and not to the ones, produced in India.
   Please use the following links:-

   I have copied a sample, for making Judgement easy.Please, see below.
Price Build-up of Domestic LPG (14.2 Kg Cylinder) at Delhi
Sr. No. Elements Unit
1st June'12
1* FOB Price at Arab Gulf of LPG $/MT 852.78
2* Add: Ocean Freight from AG to Indian Ports $/MT 43.39
3 CF (Cost  Freight) Price $/MT 896.17
OR /Cylinder 689.03
4* Import Charges (Insurance/Ocean Loss/ LC Charge/Port Dues) /Cylinder 5.82
5* Basic Customs Duty /Cylinder 0.00
6* Import Parity Price (Sum of 3 to 5) /Cylinder 694.84
7* Refinery Transfer Price (RTP) for Domestic LPG
(Price Paid by the Oil Marketing Companies to Refineries)
/Cylinder 694.84
8* Add : Inland Freight, Delivery Charges etc. /Cylinder 39.46
9* Add : Marketing Cost of OMCs /Cylinder 12.38
10* Add : Marketing Margin of OMCs /Cylinder 6.68
11* Add : Bottling Charges (Filling and Cylinder Cost) /Cylinder 38.68
12 Total Desired Price (Sum of 7 to 11)
-Before Excise Duty, VAT and Distributor Commission
/Cylinder 792.04
13* Less : Subsidy by Central Government /Cylinder 22.58
14* Less: Under-recovery to Oil Marketing Companies /Cylinder 396.03
15* Price Charged to Distributor (Bottling Plant Price) (12-13-14)
- Excluding Excise Duty  VAT
/Cylinder 373.43
16* Add : Excise Duty (Including Education Cess) /Cylinder 0.00
17* Add : Distributor Commission /Cylinder 25.83
18* Add : VAT(including VAT on Distributor Commission) applicable for Delhi /Cylinder 0.00
19 Retail Selling Price (Sum of 15 to 18) /Cylinder 399.26
20 Retail Selling Price at Delhi (Rounded Off) /Cylinder 399.00
21 Under Recovery due to Rounding Down /Cylinder 0.26
* The explanatory notes are given in the attachment.

     The above is ONLY a sample.
     There is more to this,as aligning of the petroleum products' price with the Global ones is being contemplated,despite the per capita income in India is different from other countries and hence such an alignment is bad for and will adversely affect Indians, at large.
     But this has a mala fide aim.The FDI in retail being proposed now, has a connection will all the above,as the MNCs will benefit a lot,if FDI in retail is implemented at all,with very huge profits.The reason for "removal of subsidy",is also for the sake of the MNCs.In this context,it should be mentioned that the stimuli,which are continuing from 2008,,are nothing but HUGE SUBSIDIES,to the rich Oligarchs.
     I hope your excellency will do the needful.
Thanking Your Excellency,
Yours truly,
Your Request/Grievance Registration Number is : PRSEC/E/2012/

Note: Kindly note your Request Registration Number for further references            

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Foreign Powers" Jealous Of India under Vajpayee?

Were Foreign Powers jealous of India's Nationalism and hence,were, against the BJP?This assumption,may not be wrong knowing that Bilderberg,is against Nationalism!What can be the MAIN reason?
THE INDIAN ECONOMY WAS VERY STRONG UNDER THE BJP IN 2003/4! India had a Current Account Surplus!The Globalist International Bankers do not like Loans to be returned.They consider this as HUBRIS!They want nations to be in perpetual debt[to bankrupt them],,which M M Singh,their puppet is striving for.

Gujarat was peaceful,when Godhra occurred.
A year before 2009 Lok Sabha Elections Kandhamal occurred
Gujjar Agitation occurred in Rajasathan just before the assembly Elections in 2008.
     Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee,a very popular Nationalist leader,became sick.He had attended many Luncheons hosted in his favour.Could he have been poisoned.Going by THIS,it is possible.CIA favours the current UPA Government.Six Latin American Leaders,who were opposed to the USA,had Cancer.
To be continued....

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Letter To The President Of India On PPP.

Your Excellency Madam President,
                                Crores of Pranams to you.
    It is worrying to note that, efforts are being made to DEREGULATE almost everything,in India,which will make Indian and Foreign Cos above Indian Law and allow looting, of the Wealth of our beloved Nation.In addition,pollution will increase, in the case of Industries with "self-" or de-regulation,allowed on the basis of the so-called,"National Manufacturing Policy".The so-called,PPP(Public Private Partnership),is a case in point.
   PPP is not covered either by CAG or CVC due to the nature of share holding(48% GOI).THIS MAKES PPPs ABOVE INDIAN LAW,as there is no oversight of this entity. The HUGE Infrastructure Projects planned on PPP basis is a cause for great concern as there will be no oversight for about 14% of India's present GDP,per year,for the next five years,(the 12th Five Year Plan).
   Hence I request that:-
1. PPP projects,should have the GOI holding 51% shares for CAG and CVC oversight.
2. PPPs will also usher in Oligarchy in the Democratic Republic Of India.
3.PPPs will allow Black Money to be re-routed to India.
4.PPPs,in which Foreigners have share holding will weaken the Rupee and hand over its control to Foreigners.A nation is unsafe,when she does not CONTROL her own, CURRENCY.FIIs are having a LOT of CONTROL over India's Rupee now,which is a matter of serious concern.
    I hope Your excellency will do the needful.
  Thanking Your excellency,
Yours truly,
   Your Request/Grievance is Registered Successfully!!
Your Request/Grievance Registration Number is : PRSEC/-/2012/-

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Importance Of Incidents during Bilderberg Meeting This Year

Bilderberg Annual "secret" Meeting starts in Virginia USA, today-31/5/2012 to 3rd June.MORE on Bilderberg.
2012 Bilderberg HIGHLIGHTS.
Syria a serious topic.

Watch live video from Alex Jones Live! on

Any incident/news, during this period is very important.Already there are three instances:-
1.Royal Dutch Shell in collaboration with RPower and KSPL,in East Coast.
2.Bill Gates is in UP signing a MoU with Akilesh Yadav.Bill Gates attended the Bilderberg 2012 too.
3.US 7th Fleet eyeing Bangla Desh for base.
4.Nirupama Rao,apologetic about UPA's link with Iran,before the US "think tank",the Atlantic Council.Read here.
     Includes 2 Russians[Garry Kasparov,Chairman,United Civil Front,Russia],an Israeli and a Chinese each[!!!],Pascal Lamy of WTO,Robert Zoellick of World Bank and one from WEF are notable ones.Others are mainly, from,the USA,UK,France,Turkey,Italy,Denmark,Austria,Sweden,Switzerland,Canada etc.There seems to no representation of Latin America and "other" AEAN nations.

6. Foreign Universities Bill:the Indira congress party tries "backdoor entry".Read here.
7.Consensual sex decision by the Indian Court.Read here.
8.Delhi HC rules in favour of Indraprastha gas.Read here.
9.Indian Army Chief changed to a,person favoured by M M Singh.the new Chief is,reported to be a relative of wife of M M Singh.
10.Bilderberg thinks of Carbon Tax to be collected by the World bank.Read here.
11.M M Singh tries his 1991 trick on India once again.Read here.
12.Revolt in Odisha BJD.Read here.
13.Keshu Bhai Patel opposes Narendra Modi.
14.UGC allows collaboration with Foreign universities.[an urgent meeting for this was called,by Kapil Sibal,preponing the same]Read here.
15.From THIS link:-
3/6/20102;15:10 Hrs:- 'LPG, Diesel prices SHOULD be hiked' :   Widespread opposition notwithstanding, Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council Chairman C Rangarajan has strongly favoured an immediate increase in prices of diesel and cooking gas to contain government expenditure.

"It (increase in prices of diesel and LPG) should be done, as early as possible. We need to take action, howsoever unpleasant it may be," he said in an interview.
16.Kejrival storms out of Baba Ramdev's fast site and later clarifies that there is no misunderstanding between them.Read here .
17.M M Singh upto his 1991 trick for "deregulation".Read here.
18.Has the Indira Congress party got the order?Yesterday,3/6/2012, Bilderberg ended.Today,4/6/2012, the Indira congress party members,left it to the Italian Woman to choose the party's Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates.Some Intra-party democracy!Sorry,DICTATORSHIP.
19.Leon Panetta,who arrives tomorrow, and Anthony to meet on 6/6/2012,on Delegation level.Read here.
20.Some PHOTOS of Bilderberg 2012,31st May to 3rd,June.
21.Bilderberg 2012.
22.Bilderberg,3rd June,2012
23.SM Krishna is in the USA,from 12/6/2012 for the so-called,"Strategic Talks".Clinton,a Bilderberger,is demanding many concessions from India,like FDI in retail etc.
-Sibal may go to the USA,by 15/6/2012,for talks,in the area of   Education.
-Westinghouse Electric and NPCIL sign agreement for the Nuclear Plant in Gujarat.See "early works agreement".
JOINT STATEMENT of third round of Strategic Dialogue.
Homeland Security is a great threat among others,implying the proposed,NCTC.Generally this "Strategic Dialogue with the USA", is NOT good for India.
Homeland Security,Education and the involvement of both USAID and US Philanthropes [],does not augur well for India.
Pranab Mukherjee says he has to dissuade people from buying Gold.This is pro-US and pro-Stock Market, policy as the Dollar and Gold have inverse relationship.When Gold demand is more, the Dollar becomes weaker.Earlier,the puppet of Bilderberg,Prasnab Mukherjee,had increased Custom duty on Gold import,on March 16th,2012,when he presented the Budget.When the Dollar becomes strong,due to such unpatriotic steps,like that of Pranab Mukherjee,Crude Oil becomes dearer,as the purchase of Crude is with US Dollar.Hence CAD increases......
G20 communique.
Rio Summit.


 Will be updated....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Indira Congress Party Works for the primacy Of the US Dollar.

  Pranab Mukherjee reduced import of Gold by 32% from 16th March to 25/5/2012.The import embargo continues,by way of higher custom duty .Gold price decreased from $ 1658[16/3/2012] to 1570/Oz,as on 25/5/2012.A corresponding fall in India's Rupee is from,about, 52 to 55 V the US Dollar.India buys her Crude Oil[whose import, surprisingly or not,has been kept constant without any reduction.A Conspiracy in petroleum products in India?],by paying in US Dollars.Both the above moves by Pranab Mukherjee strengthens the US Dollar against the Indian Rupee.FIIS running away[ another weakening of the Rupee.Conspiracy for FDI in retail etc],from Indian Stock markets has also contributed to the weakening of the Rupee.
    It may be recalled that Pranab Mukherjee was grilled in the USA about Diesel price Decontrol,the so-called "reforms"[FDI in retail] etc.Now, why does the USA grill an Indian Finance minister about India's polices?This means the Indira congress party is a puppet of the USA and perhaps,Bilderberg,too.
    Even though there is a tremendous Opposition to the petrol price hike of 23/5/2012,cunningly thrust upon Indians by the Indira Congress party and the many anti-India polices,sugar-coated,as 'reforms',Pranab Mukherjee,Anand Shrama,India's commerce Minister[NOT ELECTED to the Lok Sabha] always claim that,these above-mentioned polices will be implemented by Consensus.
    Thus the weakening of the Rupee,the degrading of India's Sovereign Debt,the keeping of Crude prices very HIGH by speculation,India continuing to IMPORT Crude,whatever the price,[whereas Gold import was discouraged],etc are seen as a conspiracy a la M M Singh's 1991 trick[deja vu!],to usher in anti-India and pro-MNC, polices.

To be continued......

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Letter To The President Of India,regarding "UNDER-RECOVERIES".

Your Excellency Madam President,
                                Crores of Pranams to Your Excellency.I have found Your Excellency to be one of the best presidents of India,paying heed to grievances of people like me.I am very sad that Your Excellency will be leaving soon,which I consider a personal and National Loss.May God bless Your excellency with a healthy,happy and long life.
                                 It has been my pleasure to send you many grievances.This one is as important as the previous ones.
                                 This concerns, the so-called "under-recoveries" ,claimed by the PSU Oil marketing Cos.Many people have found this to be a wrong claim.Please use the following link:-
                                 Since this affects the POOR,Middle Class and the Fixed-Income groups,I request that both the GOI and the OMCs explain to the nation,as to what these "under-recoveries" ,are ,and how they contribute to the LOSSES claimed by the OMCs.
                    Thanking Your excellency,
Yours truly,
 Your Request/Grievance is Registered Successfully!!
Your Request/Grievance Registration Number is :

Note: Kindly note your Request Registration Number for further references

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Petroleum Products Conspiracy in India....

  THIS link illustrates the whole point.
India imports about 75 to 80% of its Crude Oil requirements.The Bill is very huge and even adversely,affectes the CAD and BOP.The oil Cos cry hoarse of LOSSES due to HIGH Crude oil prices,and DEMAND hikes in Fuel prices.Yet neither the GOI nor the Oil Cos,have ever thought of reducing imports,based on the break-even price!How can this be possible?Nobody does business to lose.Then what can be the reason?
1.The Private players and THE ONLY MNC marketing Co in India dealing with petroleum products are the REAL beneficiaries,as they can make huge profits.
2.One big Global player has gone into PPP with HPCL and the refinery in Bhatinda started in April-May,2012.
3.The players mentioned above are highly influential and can "manipulate" events on Global level.
4.So what's happening is this:-
i.The USA and the West have de-industrialized for a long time concentrating mainly on Speculation,Military Industrial Complex, Pharma,GMO and Global Finance like lending....
ii.India,on the other hand has been converted into a "Production Centre" for the Globalists,mainly from the West,with the following benefits;-
a.Cheap labour
b.Water, power,raw-materials,Land[which will increase in value V time],etc provided by India.
c.As more and more Foreign Cos set up shops in India demand for petroleum products will increase due to increase in energy for running the Plants[Boiler etc], transport/logistics etc.THIS WILL INCREASE THE DEMAND FOR PETROLEUM PRODUCTS.
d.Many MNCs are auto-manufacturers
e.Banks offer Loans for purchase of vehicles.  
     The last two will again increase the DEMAND for Petro-Products.
     While the MNCs and Banks indulge in this,the third member of the Conspiracy will RAISE Crude prices,along with the OPEC cartel,by misusing Derivatives,by Speculation,which does NOT require,much efforts like running factories,which has been handed over to India. 
Montek Singh Ahuliwalia wants ,as per,report on 27/5/2012:-
i.Deregulation of Diesel,LPG and Kerosene
Comment:-This is to favour the private players and the MNCs.
   A regulator is required.Deregulation is like doing away with the Police and the Judiciary and appointing THE THIEF as the Adjudicator.
ii.Making prices of petroleum products in India equal to the Global ones.
  This is wrong as refining is done in India and is cheaper based on labour etc.
To be continued......

Friday, May 18, 2012

Why the sudden Friendship with the Terror Threat Pakistan?

  Iran is being cornered by the USA.India's route to Afghanistan and Eurasia, is via Iran.Hence the USA "is offering" one through pakistan,by making India being Friends with the Terror threat, Pakistan,at the cost of Iran.
1.Tunnel,400 metres-long,to Pakistan,on the Indian side discovered in Samba District,of Kashmir.The photo below,is from the link,above,[].

2.Pakistan is circulating Fake Indian Currencies.
3.Dawood Ibrahim and many other terrorists,are protected by Pakistan.
4.Pakistan cheats even China,in Xinjiang.And USA too,but its is mutual.
To be continued.....

Saturday, April 28, 2012

USA's Financial Terrorism To Keep The Dollar Alive!

 Here Petro-Dollar is of very great use.So the Crude Oil demand has to be high.When the demand for Crude is high the demand for Dollar will also be high.So the Dollar gains strength.Other methods are:-
1.Derivatives, misused to suppress Gold and Silver and keep the Crude price HIGH,as there will be MORE demand for the US Dollar and hence it will remain strong.THIS IS FINANCIAL TERRORISM.Due to this,the economies of other nations are weakened,inflation increased and human suffering increases.The FAIR PRICE of Crude per barrel,  is about $23 to 39 LESS than what it is now!
2.Inflation kept high.
3.Discouraging technologies substituting Crude oil.
4.If all things fail attack those who prevent the Dollar from being strong.Like Qaddafi and Saddam.The sabre-rattling against Iran has also much to do with Dollar trade,as Iran has changed the Currencies,for its crude Oil trade.
To be continued....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

India Sold To The USA And GOI Infiltrated.....

  On 24/4/2012,a day after Pranab Mukherjee,  returned from the USA,after meeting with the IMF,G-20,US MNCs  etc,the UPA Government announced its decision to "deregulate" Diesel price,obviously,under pressure from the USA.This shows that India is being ruled by the USA now.
  The following shows that the Government of India, is also infiltrated,by outside forces.
1.M M Singh became the PM of India in 2004.
2.Shell India,a Rothschilds Co[in collaboration with Total of France], started its 100% FDI,LNG marketing from Hazira,in 2004!Shell India's CEO was Advisor to the Ministry Of Petroleum and NG,Government Of India,for 4 years.Shell India is a Rothschilds Co.GOI infiltrated?
3.The Indian OMCs start reporting LOSSES based on "under-recoveries" from 2004!
  These three significant events have occurred in the same year,2004.In addition M M Singh is,very strongly, suspected to be a puppet of the Rothschilds,who are Advisors to the GOI on Divestment of PSUs....
If the Indira Congress party continues the future of India is very bleak.
To be continued....

Monday, April 23, 2012

World Economic Forum Is unhappy With India's Subsidies!

 The WEF has come out with a report,in partnership with,Accenture, recently making unreasonable and selfish demands on India.
1.It claims that "costly and inefficient subsidies are damaging the economy".It demands that the energy market be made "more transparent" and "efficient" ,for encouraging foreign private Investments,in its report:
The New Energy Architecture:India".
             QEs and printing of notes are also SUBSIDIES.These export Inflation from the hosr nations around the World.These also have to be stopped.Stimuli with tax-exemptions are subsidies. 
            Subsidy should be ;provided where the standard of living is low.India is one such nation,where ths majority in rurla areas,use the one space for defecation.Even in cities near slums this is very common.
            The perks and pays in  India are also far less than in many Nations.       
            A country is NOT for the Businessmen alone.As per Indian culture,Businessmen are only a part of the Society,which constitutes others who may be rich,middle-class or poor.Charity is one of the basis of Indian culture.Subsidy for the poor cannot be removed for the sake of the profit of a few Western and Foreign businessmen.
                    As regards the energy markets being made "more transparent",it is the Western Businessmen who should be transparent.For example they are,reportedly, making huge amounts in Philippines citing the so-called "under-recoveries", in petroleum products marketing.Enron is an example of deregulation,which the Western Businessmen demand.The unregulated Derivatives are damaging the whole Global Economy.Yet the Wall Street bankers are reported to be misusing them in many ways,bankrupting Municipalities, manipulating the prices of Commodities resulting in high Inflation Globally,thus making the life of the POOR, Middle Class and the Fixed-income Groups hell,as these three are unable to make both ends meet,resulting starvation deaths due to high food prices....The Wall Street bankers are also reported to be against REGULATING the derivatives..What sort of transparent system us this?
2.Demands separation of Government from PSUs.
  THIS IS PRIVATIZATION,which means LOSS of Sovereignty.Hence is NOT acceptable.
    During the 2008 Global Financial crisis, the Indian PSU banks were the ones, which saved the nation while,many private Cos lost more than 25 Lakh Crores in Derivatives....
3.The report cites India's inability to meet its energy demands.
     Wheres' THE WATER?The power industries guzzle water!India will face Water shortage if she caves in to the UNREASONABLE and SELFISH demand of the WEC for "more energy".Why the USA has de-industrialized?Transferring pollution and Carbon Emission to India and the MNCs,raking in profits,using India's resources like Water,Power,raw-materials and Cheap labour...?
4. Honest upfront information is needed.
       This can be incorporated in agreements and is expected of both parties.
  Again Foreign MNCs have been untrustworthy as regards the so-called, "UNDER-RECOVERIES"...
Now demands on the WEF:-
1.Fractional Reserve Banking is not acceptable as the bankers become the masters by creating Money out of thin air
2.Unregulated Derivatives are not acceptable.These are a very great threat to the whole world on many counts.
3.DEREGULATION is not acceptable as it will make the MNCs above National and International laws...
4.QEs and STIMULI,which are SUBSIDIES, are not acceptable.
To be continued


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Encouraging Consumerism In India,by The UPA For the Profit Of the MNCs...

  This is especially true of the Auto Industry and creation of demand for petrol,Diesel,CNG,LNG etc......It is worth noting that one MNC has started petroleum products marketing in India from 2004,the same year when MM Singh became PM of India and this MNC is reported to be the Master of M M Singh....The MANIPULATION works like this......And many US and European Auto-makers set up shops in India,mainly due to the cheap labour,and for the resources like Water[the industries guzzle Water and this will create problems for India  in future or the problems have already started as the Ground-Water Table is depleting in many areas.Borewells are also cited as another reason],Power[the MNCs can misuse this and rake in profits and India will have to answer for the so-called,"Carbon Emission"], Raw-Materials and Infrastructure,which can be "improved" by providing HUGE LOANS thus tightening the grip of the International Bankers on India,while the MNCs make profits via the Stock market,with the economy "growing"....
         Many of the recent mega-scams under the UPA are due to the encouragement to CONSUMERISM,among others........
1.MM Singh's master starts a venture in India.for example Shell LNG terminal in Hazira from 2004,the same year M M Singh was lucky to become PM of India.
2.Now this MNC has to be allowed to make profits by BENDING Rules.How?The CEO of Shell India,Vikram Singh Mehta becomes the Advisor to the Ministry of Petroleum And NG!!!
3.The Indian OMCs raise prices of fuels,citing under-recoveries,which they started using/claiming/reporting ONLY from 2004!!!
       Now having set up the scenario for the profit of "THE MNC",demand for the fueks have to be increased...
For this Consumerism has to be encouraged by..
i.Easy Bank Loans for purchase of vehicles running on petrol,Diesel,LNG and CNG
ii.Reduce interest rates,so that Loans are cheaper.RBI takes care of this.Then RBI claims that to keep the Fiscal deficit LOW,the Fuel prices have to be HIKED!
iii.Keep the Media under control,and use the HYPE for RAISING fuel prices,MISUSING the so-called EXPERTS.Increase the pressure by repeated articles,interviews etc favouring a rise in Fuel prices.
To be continued....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RBI is insincere in its Policies......

17/4/2012:-RBI reduced rates [repo] by 0.50% and immediately recommended raising the prices of Diesel,petrol etc.
This,shows the insincerity of the RBI.Who can an ordinary Indian trust?Some car-makers are foreigners,having shifted from areas of high cost of it to favour those US and European MNCs?Bank loans will be more and they will also profit.
 Indirectly the RBI has favoured Fuel consumption by the rate reduction.The vicious cycle,,,One suspects that the MNCs are pressing for DEREGULATION so that they need not obey India's national laws and make huge profits, irresponsibly.
The rate reduction is also for making India a Stock market-based economy.....
The diktat of the G-20,MNCs,World Bank and the IMF are being followed by the RBI and the Govt led by the Indira congress party at the Centre.....
To be continued....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some strange Coincidences Regarding, "under-recoveries" claimed by Indian OMCs

It is well-known that MM Singh prefers MNCs to Indians.The so-called,"under-recoveries" have been exposed in the media as IMAGINARY and NOT REAL.Hence the LOSSES claimed by the OMCs are NOT actually incurred by them.
  A strange timeline of the so-called "under-recoveries" and the Indian OMCs...
1.MM Singh becomes lucky to occupy the top post in India.The prime Minister's job,in 2004
2.Shell,a Rothschilds Co[in collaboration with Total of France], is allowed 100% FDI in petroleum products marketing in India from 2004.MM Singh is,very strongly, suspected to have been PLANTED by the Rothschilds in India.
3.Indian OMCs start claiming LOSSES under the so-called "under-recoveries" from 2005!!!
4.Vikram Singh Mehta of Shell India,advisor to India's Petroleum Ministry for four years!!!

An excerpt from the above link:-
"Subsequently, he [Vikram Singh Mehta] became an advisor to India's petroleum ministry for four years, giving him the edge when it came to working within the maze the government had created for the petroleum sector.
"He is a well-known person within the government and the industry though his role did not require him to be hands-on," says an insider."
        Under-recoveries will help the MNCs and private petroleum products marketing Cos to make mega-profits!
To be continued......

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Deregulation,OMCs,Under-recoveries and Favours To The MNCs and Private Players By MM Singh.

          In Cost-based pricing of petroleum fuels,which is the correct method,and which was followed till the 1990s,INDIVIDUAL ones' prices, cannot be raised.But, the LIES Under-recoveries, are a trick to raise the prices of individual fuels,thus cheating Indians. 
         MM Singh wants to "deregulate",especially,as regards the proposed,National Manufacturing Policy,prices Diesel and other Petroleum products,so that the MNCs and Private players can profit.An excerpt from the above link:-
"That really brings us to the crux of the matter as regards under recoveries. The under recoveries of the OMCs do not mean much as long as they are covered by the tax revenue of the oil sector only when private sector players are absent from the scenario. As soon as private sector players enter the picture, the under recoveries of OMCs become a proxy for the losses of private sector players. Since the private sector wants to enter the oil sector and earn windfalls, it highlights the under recoveries and policy analysts endeavor to show it as a burden and the mainstream media faithfully relays that concern. The way to remove the under recoveries, i.e., the way to ensure a positive and high rate of profit for private capital in the oil sector is to do away with cause of under recoveries: government control over petroleum product prices. Hence, the recommendations of various “experts” is to liberalize oil prices, and the GOI, by accepting and implementing that recommendation is working to ensure high and positive rates of profit for private capital in the oil sector.
Let us end with an example that you can chew. From Petroleum Minister Murli Deora’s answer to the Lok Sabha we know that the pre-tax price of petrol was about 23.44 rupees per liter in July 2009; if Reliance or Essar sold petrol in Delhi in July 2009, this is roughly the after-tax revenue it would make on each liter of petrol. What would be an estimate of the cost that Reliance or Essar would bear for a liter of petrol? In July 2009, the average international (FOB) price of crude oil was, as we have already noted, 64.618 USD per barrel, which translates into 19.87 rupees per liter.. Thus, if Reliance or Essar imported crude for their refineries, they would pay about 19.87 rupees for each liter.
What mark-up over processing and marketing cost would they want? The average international pre-tax price of gasoline in July 2009 was about 2.33 USD per gallon; since the international price of crude oil was 1.538 USD per gallon, this implies a mark-up over processing and marketing cost of 1.515 (= 2.33/1.538). Thus, for an international oil company, the price of petrol (gasoline) was set at about 152 per cent of the cost (of crude oil). It seems reasonable to assume that Indian capital would also like a similar, if not higher, mark-up over cost. Thus, in July 2009 Reliance or Essar or Shell would have liked to be able to set a pre-tax retail price that was 152 percent of the cost of crude oil. So, what pre-tax price of petrol in India would have been required to ensure an internationally competitive mark-up over processing and marketing cost? The answer is 30.20 rupees per liter (= 19.87 * 1.52).
Now things are clear. According to the Petroleum Minister, the pre-tax price of petrol in Delhi was only 23.44 rupees per liter in July 2009; that meant, using an international rate of return benchmark, a 6.75 rupees per liter less profit for a private sector player like Reliance. That, it is clear, was enough to create a hullabaloo about under recoveries and fiscal burden and the efficiency of the market and push the government to set up the Kirit Parikh Committee and decontrol petrol and diesel prices. Profit, you see, is what this whole fuss is about."
The only MNC,in petroleum products marketing,is Shell,a reported, Rothschild firm,which started operations in Hazira as soon as MM Singh was lucky to land in the post of India' top job,the prime Minister,in 2004.
  Now let us see,if India's OMCs are making profits or "losses".THIS link provides data regarding Crude oil refining in general.
Based on prices,from THIS link,the profit is about Rs 2001.37/= per barrel of crude refined,as on 20/2/2013..
     30% of the Crude is obtained at a cheaper price locally.This is ignored in the calculations for a higher margin of safety.
Price of Indian Crude basket for 19th February,2013,is, $ 113.65;At Rs 54.29 V Dollar,the price is = Rs 6170.06/=.
lpg = 225    [Only subsidized at Rs 438.5 per 14.2 Kg,considered]
petrol = 5233
fuel  oils = 677
diesel  = 1811
atf       =  941
[Others 27.6 Litres] ignored.
Revenue = Rs 8887/=

      As per THIS link crude oil alone amounts to 90% of the total production Cost.,which works out to be,Rs 6855.62, and the Profit is = Rs 2001.37/barrel of crude,refined.
     Even after,27.6 LITRES OR 16% OF THE CRUDE,BEING IGNORED!And 30% Crude is obtained from Indian Sources at cheaper prices[ONGC,Oil India,cairn].
       Hence,one finds that there is NO LOSS at all!The OMCs are profitable.
     Hence the claim of LOSSES by the OMCs is a LIE.
    The claim of under-recoveries,which is HYPOTHETICAL,and NOT the REAL LOSSES, is another LIE,as:-
i.Refining of Crude Oil and hence the production of petroleum products is DONE in India.
iii.But,the pricing is in, US Dollars using International Benchmark,.which is UNETHICAL.
iv.  Landed Cost is MISUSED, for pricing petroleum products which is also UNETHICAL.
     Minister of Petroleum And Natural gas,S.Jaipal Reddy's reply in Rajya Sabha on 2/8/2011,is used for the following tables:-
Loss of OMCs without Government Assistance & Upstream Discount
(Rs. Crore)

Combined Profit After Tax (PAT) of OMCs
Provision for Taxation
Profit before Tax
Less : Compensation received
Budgetary support
Upstream assistance
Total Compensation
Combined loss of OMCs without compensation
- 97,247

Diesel price as on 01.08.2011
(Rs. per litre)
Price paid to refinery @ Trade Parity

Inland Freight
+ 0.69
Marketing Cost and Margin
  + 1.39
Excise Duty (including cess etc.)
+ 2.06
Total Desired Price before VAT and Dealer Commission
= 41.60
Less: Under recovery
(-) 6.06
Price Charged to Customer - Depot Price
= 35.54
Dealer Commission
+ 0.91
VAT (Including VAT on dealer commission.) *
+ 4.84
Retail Selling Price
= 41.29
                  *VAT as per Delhi.  It ranges from 26 % to 9.08 % from State to State

As informed by the Indian Oil Corporation Limited the build up of the current retail selling price of Petrol at Delhi is as under:

Petrol price as on 01.08.2011
(Rs. per litre)
Price paid to refinery @ Trade Parity
Inland Freight
+ 0.65
Marketing Cost and Margin
+ 1.47
Excise Duty (including cess etc.)
Total price after Excise duty
= 52.29
Less: Under-recovery absorbed by OMCs
(-) 00.71
Price Charged to Customer - Depot Price
 = 51.58
Dealer Commission
+ 1.50
Value added Tax (Including VAT on dealer commission.) *
+ 10.62
Retail Selling Price * *
= 63.70
*    VAT as per Delhi.  It varies from 33 %  to 15 % from State to State
** Petrol Price is decontrolled with effect from 26th June, 2010. The price break up is as per IOC.
     Ethanol Blending also increases the profit margins,[about Rs 1410 Crores per annum], of the OMCs in the case of petrol.

MORE on Ethanol Blending.The following Table is from the link above.

  The OMCs have to be Audited by The CAG.
HERE is a link regarding a PIL against the so-called "under-recoveries".The full materail in this link:-

Under recovery of oil cos challenged at Kerala high court

Mahir Haneef, TNN Oct 6, 2011, 01.23PM IST
KOCHI: The under recovery concept, which is so often cited by petroleum companies in the public domain as the reason for hiking fuel prices in the country, is under challenge at the Kerala high court through a petition filed by former ember of Parliament PC Thomas.
While political organizations here are calling for reducing taxes, PC Thomas is attacking the concept of under recovery itself, challenging that levying rates by comparing with international prices while refining is done within the country amounts to duping the public.

Prices of petroleum products are fixed by adopting Import Parity Price. The logic behind the said calculation is that had there not been any oil refining companies in the country, all petroleum products should have been imported from foreign countries. Therefore, the citizens are liable to pay for petroleum products at the import rate.
PC Thomas, who appeared at the High Court in person challenging the oil price policy, states that the central government is conveniently concealing the fact that oil production in the country is 30 per cent higher than the actual need and 25 per cent of the actual need of crude oil is extracted domestically.
Moreover, India doesn't import petroleum products but only crude oil, which is refined in refineries domestically at a much lower rate than the global rate. However, the oil companies are charging Import Parity Price for petroleum products, not of crude oil, which is unethical and is an irrational pricing method, PC Thomas contends.
The former MP is calling for a roll back from deregulation of petrol price and impose control over the same so that oil companies cannot increase the price arbitrarily. He is also seeking a court order to roll back from charging International Parity Price for petroleum products."
1.Oil PSUs are making huge profits,namely,Rs 2001.37/bbl Crude oil,refined.As many of them are OLD, Depreciation will be very much less and almost NIL.
      30% of the Crude,is obtained by the OMCs at subsidized rates from Indian Oil Cos[ONGC,Oil India,Cairn].
2.Ethanol Blending with petrol increases the profit of the OMCs by Rs 1410 CRORES per annum.
3.CAG should Audit the OMCs.
4.A regulator is required and DEREGULATION and price raises have to be rolled back.
          Deregulation is like,doing away with the Police and Judiciary,and appointing THE THIEF as the Judge, claiming that Crime rates will be down!Enron is an example of deregulation.

i.Refining of Crude Oil and hence the production of petroleum products is DONE in India.
iii.But,the pricing is in, US Dollars using International Benchmark,.which is UNETHICAL.
iv.  Landed Cost is MISUSED, for pricing petroleum products which is also UNETHICAL.

5,Reportedly,the Petroleum Sector contributes immensely to the National Exchequer and the State Coffers.
6.Private players like Mittal have joined HPCL and many others are doing the same.How come,if the Refining is a losing business?
        This further confirms that the Petroleum Sector lays Golden Eggs..........contrary to the claims of the OMCs and the GOI.
7.Under-recovery started ONLY in 2004 and is reported to be mainly,to enable, THE MNC and private players to make profits
8.The FAIR PRICE of Crude oil ,is less by about $23.Saudi Oil Minister,Naimi,has claimed in May,2012,that the FAIR PRICE of Crude is ONLY $100 per barrel!He blamed speculation for the high price.Hence Speculation by the Wall Street Bankers have to be stopped.GOI will have to take this up with WTO,or other appropriate International body.The Global Crude Oil Scam,is worth $ 2.5 Trillion,in 2009,as per THIS link.
       Derivatives should be BANNED,for fairness in cost of Commodities etc.
9.When Crude prices increase,IMPORTS have to be decreased.This will make demand less and make the price fall.It does  not make good business sense to buy Crude,even if the price is too high.
10.Various methods of buying Crude oil should be tried and the best chosen.There are reports that private players buy at a cheaper rate,by a different way of striking Contracts for Crude.
11.Oil producers like ONGC,OIL etc, have to be merged with Crude refiners,like IOCL,BPCL etc.
12.Luxury four-wheelers have to be taxed heavily.Banks should NOT offer Loans for purchase of vehicles.These will reduce,Petrol and Diesel consumption.
13.DO NOT ALLOW PPP,as malpractices are possible since CAG will not be able to audit them,and they will not come under CVC too.
14.If the OMCs are not impressed by these calculations and arguments,they can follow the following SENSIBLE,business practice, to stop "their LOSSES".
i.Calculate the "break-even" price of Crude.
ii.When Brent crude price reaches 60% of this value,start reducing imports.Adjust imports of Crude so that THE NATION does NOT LOSE!
To be continued......