Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why MM Singh prefers,the MNCs to Indians and Indian Cos?

Why MM Singh prefers,the MNCs to Indians and Indian Cos?Because,he is a Globalist[anti-National,and hence anti-India/n],member,Club Of Rome[Gorbachev is also,a member,and he is, reported to have betrayed,the erstwhile USSR].
  The following,among others,are disturbing for Indians...
1.The 3 G spectrum e-auction was offered to the Rothschilds,who made Rs 30.5 Crores,as commission.
2.The 6 brokers were,All, foreigners ,namely,Citi,JPMorgan,Nomura,Morgan Stanley, DSP ML and HSBC,in the recent ONGC "Divestment",by auction.
3.All survey and reports are handed over to Foreigners.
    There seems to be a "secret" understanding,among the Oligarchs and Governments, [India and Foreign],as the MNCs are setting shops in India,for her cheap Labour,Resources like,Water,Power,Minerals,Raw materials,Land etc,while the Indian IT Cos,are outsourced jobs.These create unemployment and "poverty" in the West.....
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are These Connected?

    It is,reported, that the World Bank and IMF use "sugar-coated" words,while trying to Bankrupt Nations,with anti-poor,anti-National and pro-MNC policies.The Cochabamba Water War,in Bolivia,in 2000,is an example.It is reported,that the World Bank,is influencing the Planning Commission,whose Chairman and his deputy,are its former employees,and India's policies,like the Budget,to be presented,tomorrow,16/3/2012 .The timing of the following three,is typical.
1.As per reports,today,the World Bank,has offered India,a soft Loan of about Rs 20000 Crores,for "poverty-alleviation"!Some diversion,as usual is possible.Know what I mean!
2.The Railway Minister announced an "anti-poor" Budget,yesterday[14/3/2012].
3.Pranab Mukherjee,the Finance Minister,announced,a massive,interest cut of 1.25%,to 8.25,on the EPF!
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Time Taken For Counting And Exit Polls, In The Assembly Elections Causes For Worry!

      The Time Taken For Counting In The recent Assembly Elections,in UP,Punjab,Manipur,Uttarkhand and Goa,on the 6th March,2012 Is A Cause For Worry!
      The career of a rookie politician,masquerading as a promising Leader,with a lot of Media support and hype,was on the line,in UP.He and his family,were utterly routed,in their,"home turf",as it were.But the mega-corruption and Dictatorship,of his party,were against him.
      The time taken was THE SAME,to count 403 seats in UP,117 in Punjab,67 in Uttarkhand,60 in Manipur and 40 in Goa!!!This is very these Elections were crucial,for particular party and the career of its rookie,lacking the numbers,to implement its anti-India and pro-US-MNCs,policies,opposed tooth and nail by the majority of the Nation.There was also,the threat of Family Dictatorship,of this party,threatening the Democratic Republic Of India.....
      The so-called,Exit Polls,which are ACTUALLY,PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING OF THE VOTERS,seems to have helped the winner,who seemed to have established a lead,in UP,where the polling was a month-long affair.
    Hence EVMs and Exit Polls,have to be BANNED,for free and fair elections....
Another,very important point about the timing of the Assembly Elections,which should have taken place,much later.Was it a bias,in favour of the Indira Congress party?The Railway and the National Budgets,would have been unpopular,as the Railways Minister,raised fares sharply,after 8 years and P.Mukherjee reduced interest rates,by a massive 1.25%,on the EPF!At the time of writing this,piece[15/3/2012],the National Budget,is yet to be presented[on 16/3/2012].....
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Why The Failed Policies Of/In The West Are Being Implemented By MM Singh?

Why The Failed Policies Of/In The West Are Being Implemented By MM Singh?Because,they were/are DELIBERATE ploys,to usher in the ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT,by WEAKENING,the people at large, financially, socially, religiously, economically, politically, emotionally, MORALLY,etc to name only a few.
    The efforts to offer Business in India,by Divestment,Privatization and PPP,and by DESTROYING India's PSUs is anti-National.The weakening of the MASSES,by thus destroying,the Power of the Unions,does not augur well,for the Indian Democratic Republic.
To answer this,first one should know about M M Singh.The following 4 links answer this question.
    For this the Constitution and the Institutions have to be shattered.The so-called,"War On Terror",NCTC[a DHS,Dept Of Homeland Security-clone],Aadhar, Digitization[SURVEILLANCE] etc are going to be misused, for achieving this aim.
   In this context, the pre-Budget speech,of the President Of India, is noteworthy.There is no mention of the mega-corruption by,you know who.Among many defensive statements and expected policies,the one on the so-called,Infrastructure is noteworthy.Actually,the FCI is wasting a lot of food grains.And hence Infrastructure,for the storage,transport and distribution of FCI's foodgrains needs attention,and is of the highest priority,as Crores of India's poor are dying of starvation.
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Why MM Singh is removing SUBSIDIES?

  The reason M M Singh,a Globalist,member,Club Of Rome, is removing subsidies on the diktats of the World Bank and IMF ,is for WEAKENING the people,so as to usher in One World Totalitarian Government and Technocracy,which will be opposed by them.By weakening them,MORALLY[a porn star has entered Bollywwod,porn stars from the West are legitimate in Fashion Shows in India etc etc.]physically[DEPOPULATION],psychologically,economically,intellectually,SOCIALLY and in many other ways,it is easier to usher in the One World Totalitarian Government,based on Technocracy.One is reminded of the notorious quote of Henry Kissinger;-"Useless eaters".
  There are reports of Food Grains being allowed to rot in the FCI.This has been going on for years.....Aim,seems,DEPOPULATION....
  In both the systems people will be slaves of the Oligarchs.Technocracy will monitor the contribution of individuals to "productivity".This is why the pensions are being STOLEN misusing Stock,Commodity and Currency, markets.As a matter of fact,the WEALTH of individuals and even Nations[that's why there are so many bankrupt nations] are being stolen misusing the unregulated Derivatives,by Speculation.
  Those who do not "contribute" to the oligarchs profits will be considered useless.Is there any wonder,then,that the SUBSIDIES,are being targeted,by the Globalists?
   Subsidies,are being removed for the following :-
1.People will be weak economically
2.Inflation will rise
4.MNCs can enter and exploit the HUGE Market [well-to-do Middle Class],to make mega-profits
5.PSUs will be DESTROYED and PRIVATIZATION will be encouraged on PPP basis.As the latter is not covered either by CAG or CVC no Audit and Probe,are possible.Corruption is the result.
To be continued.....

Reasons for the Divestment of the Indian PSUs by MM Singh.

1.To offer business to the MNCs.This is similar to the Cochabamba Water Wars, in Bolivia,2000,though Infrastructure is also involved,as in India[proposed]

2.To weaken the people of India,as the Unions in the Indian PSUs have a HUGE membership,and in the scheme of the things [One World Totalitarian Government],the POWER of these will be enormous to be encountered.This is a slow squeezing by the Python,MM Singh,to wring the life out of the UNIONS.
3.To DIVERT some amount,you know what I mean.
4.By totally PRIVATIZING everything,the Govt need NOT pay pension.
5.To convert the Democratic Republic of India into an Oligarchy.
6.Privatization allows employees to be FIRED from jobs easily.This coverts the Government into a Dictatorship.
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

GMO Dangers.

       With the Budget round the corner,the Media Blitz in favour of GMO has picked up,with MM Singh himself accusing some NGOs of stopping the Bt Brinjal in India,by a Moratorium, and Jayaram Ramesh vehemently opposing his observation.Why the Indira Congress party is supporting GMO?It is under pressure from the USA,which wants to CONTROL Global Food,and take IPRs on plants, vegetables,fruits,grains etc grown by the indigenous people for thousands of years in India.It is reported that Rockefeller planned to use FOOD as a weapon to control nations etc.Activists have thwarted this effort as shown in the case of NEEM,Turmeric,Basmati Rice etc..
        Apart from the greed of the foreign GMO Cos,the dangers of these,GMO Foods have been proven beyond doubt.The following links prove the point further.
Seeds Of Deception
10 dangers of GM Food

       France has BANNED Monsanto's GMO food. Germany is offering very stiff opposition for the same.
To be continued.....

US Soldiers Afghanistan and reprisals in Libya...

Friday, March 2, 2012

The False Flag:"War On Terror" and the ENTRY and Permanent Stay of the US Military In Host Nations.

    The False Flag:"War On Terror" and the ENTRY and Permanent Stay of the US Military In Host Nations.
    War On Terror is misused by the USA,as also the so-called Al Qaeda which was misused in Libya and is now being misused in Syria. Knowing that the so-called "War On Terror", started with Al Qaeda in mind the whole thing[War On Terror], flies in the USA's face.But the USA is so arrogant due to its Military might that it cites absurd excuses knowing that it cannot be opposed.USA wants Military Bases throughout the World as it wants to form One World Totalitarian Government,against which,opposition from the Majority Community of the host nations is expected.The presence of the US Special Forces in India etc , ostensibly for tackling LeT etc is actually,for this.
    It is also worth noting that the USA tries for "Muslim Outreach" in India,via the Fulbright-Nehru program, thus dividing the nation,as it is against the Constitution of India and is equivalent to,interference in India's religious and other internal affairs.But then,the USA holds other nations in contempt.
   The so-called "War On Terror" has been misused to conquer Afghanistan,Iraq and Libya.It is being misused for DHS in the USA and NCTC in India,to convert the latter into a Police State while the former is already one.NCTC does not make sense,but ONLY to MM Sigh and his fellow-Globalists,as Aadhar,SmartGrid,Natgrid,Digitalization etc will be combined for Surveillance and arrests.More so,as Pakistan IS the source of all Terror as far as India is concerned,but MM Singh and his Indira Congress party want to increase Trade with this nation!!!@
  India's majority Hindus are in danger by the presence of the US Special Forces in India,as they will be the ones who will be nationalistic enough to oppose the One World Totalitarian government of the Globalists,of which MM Singh is one,being member,Club Of Rome.
  Another reason for NCTC may be that MM Singh may be thinking of allowing the USA and Israel,who are reportedly,training Indian troops,to use India's manpower to do the job of these two.In that case NCTC becomes necessary,as DHS is for the USA,after invading Afghanistan and Iraq,fearing attacks inside that nation.If this is the case,it is a cause for alarm for Indian citizens.
To be continued. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Deficit Financing is Bad Economics.

Deficit financing in India from the economic times.:-

".The impact of deficit financing on prices

ET Bureau Jan 14, 2011, 06.07am IST
India resorted to deficit financing, then largely financed through Reserve Bank's books either by printing more money or use of its foreign exchange reserves, right from the early years of planned economic development. However, our planners did not factor in the impact of deficit financing on inflation. But with large foreign exchange reserves, they were confident of the government's ability to manage the supply-side of the economy.
For much of the 1950s, the Bank was part of this consensus. Although the impact of deficit financing on prices had aroused concern already in 1951-52 , price stability did not return as a major cause of worry at the Bank until the mid-50 s. Besides, the Bank recognised the need for any plan to go beyond what available resources dictated, even if some part of the additional investment had to be financed through additions to money supply.

Ironically, despite the first plan document, highlighting the important role of the central bank, the Reserve Bank also took a rather modest and self-effacing view about its own part in the planning process during these years, insisting that while it was entitled to be consulted by the government regarding the dimensions of the plan effort, the final decisions rested with the latter.
One of the volumes of RBI's history notes that the central bank was not given sufficient time to consider the first Five-Year Plan, the plan document arriving in Bombay only towards the close of October 1952. Any contribution the Bank made to the first plan document appears to have been cosmetic , rather than substantial, with the Governor B Rama Rau, for instance, choosing merely to object to the plan document's suggestion that 'real democracy' implied the 'equality of incomes' .
But in the mid-50 s, the central bank started warning the government about the impact of deficit financing on inflation. In the last 15 years, with India adopting a more market-driven approach to development, and even the concept of deficit now not including monetisation, the central bank still continues to warn the government over the dangers of high fiscal deficit on the conduct of monetary policy."
       Deficit Financing is merely an accounting trick and uses the future savings for present lavish spending!MM Singh is misusing this,for Divestment out of India's PSUs,even the profit-making ones,like the recent[yesterday] stake sales in ONGC.This is equivalent to selling the Family Silver,at good times,and inviting bankruptcy,as there will be no reserves to fall back upon during financial crises. Divestment may also cause corruption,as funds may be diverted.
      The remedy is "Surplus Financing".the Budgeted Expenditure should be below the expected revenue and the Government should NOT borrow from the RBI.
To be continued.....