Thursday, May 31, 2012

Importance Of Incidents during Bilderberg Meeting This Year

Bilderberg Annual "secret" Meeting starts in Virginia USA, today-31/5/2012 to 3rd June.MORE on Bilderberg.
2012 Bilderberg HIGHLIGHTS.
Syria a serious topic.

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Any incident/news, during this period is very important.Already there are three instances:-
1.Royal Dutch Shell in collaboration with RPower and KSPL,in East Coast.
2.Bill Gates is in UP signing a MoU with Akilesh Yadav.Bill Gates attended the Bilderberg 2012 too.
3.US 7th Fleet eyeing Bangla Desh for base.
4.Nirupama Rao,apologetic about UPA's link with Iran,before the US "think tank",the Atlantic Council.Read here.
     Includes 2 Russians[Garry Kasparov,Chairman,United Civil Front,Russia],an Israeli and a Chinese each[!!!],Pascal Lamy of WTO,Robert Zoellick of World Bank and one from WEF are notable ones.Others are mainly, from,the USA,UK,France,Turkey,Italy,Denmark,Austria,Sweden,Switzerland,Canada etc.There seems to no representation of Latin America and "other" AEAN nations.

6. Foreign Universities Bill:the Indira congress party tries "backdoor entry".Read here.
7.Consensual sex decision by the Indian Court.Read here.
8.Delhi HC rules in favour of Indraprastha gas.Read here.
9.Indian Army Chief changed to a,person favoured by M M Singh.the new Chief is,reported to be a relative of wife of M M Singh.
10.Bilderberg thinks of Carbon Tax to be collected by the World bank.Read here.
11.M M Singh tries his 1991 trick on India once again.Read here.
12.Revolt in Odisha BJD.Read here.
13.Keshu Bhai Patel opposes Narendra Modi.
14.UGC allows collaboration with Foreign universities.[an urgent meeting for this was called,by Kapil Sibal,preponing the same]Read here.
15.From THIS link:-
3/6/20102;15:10 Hrs:- 'LPG, Diesel prices SHOULD be hiked' :   Widespread opposition notwithstanding, Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council Chairman C Rangarajan has strongly favoured an immediate increase in prices of diesel and cooking gas to contain government expenditure.

"It (increase in prices of diesel and LPG) should be done, as early as possible. We need to take action, howsoever unpleasant it may be," he said in an interview.
16.Kejrival storms out of Baba Ramdev's fast site and later clarifies that there is no misunderstanding between them.Read here .
17.M M Singh upto his 1991 trick for "deregulation".Read here.
18.Has the Indira Congress party got the order?Yesterday,3/6/2012, Bilderberg ended.Today,4/6/2012, the Indira congress party members,left it to the Italian Woman to choose the party's Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates.Some Intra-party democracy!Sorry,DICTATORSHIP.
19.Leon Panetta,who arrives tomorrow, and Anthony to meet on 6/6/2012,on Delegation level.Read here.
20.Some PHOTOS of Bilderberg 2012,31st May to 3rd,June.
21.Bilderberg 2012.
22.Bilderberg,3rd June,2012
23.SM Krishna is in the USA,from 12/6/2012 for the so-called,"Strategic Talks".Clinton,a Bilderberger,is demanding many concessions from India,like FDI in retail etc.
-Sibal may go to the USA,by 15/6/2012,for talks,in the area of   Education.
-Westinghouse Electric and NPCIL sign agreement for the Nuclear Plant in Gujarat.See "early works agreement".
JOINT STATEMENT of third round of Strategic Dialogue.
Homeland Security is a great threat among others,implying the proposed,NCTC.Generally this "Strategic Dialogue with the USA", is NOT good for India.
Homeland Security,Education and the involvement of both USAID and US Philanthropes [],does not augur well for India.
Pranab Mukherjee says he has to dissuade people from buying Gold.This is pro-US and pro-Stock Market, policy as the Dollar and Gold have inverse relationship.When Gold demand is more, the Dollar becomes weaker.Earlier,the puppet of Bilderberg,Prasnab Mukherjee,had increased Custom duty on Gold import,on March 16th,2012,when he presented the Budget.When the Dollar becomes strong,due to such unpatriotic steps,like that of Pranab Mukherjee,Crude Oil becomes dearer,as the purchase of Crude is with US Dollar.Hence CAD increases......
G20 communique.
Rio Summit.


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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Indira Congress Party Works for the primacy Of the US Dollar.

  Pranab Mukherjee reduced import of Gold by 32% from 16th March to 25/5/2012.The import embargo continues,by way of higher custom duty .Gold price decreased from $ 1658[16/3/2012] to 1570/Oz,as on 25/5/2012.A corresponding fall in India's Rupee is from,about, 52 to 55 V the US Dollar.India buys her Crude Oil[whose import, surprisingly or not,has been kept constant without any reduction.A Conspiracy in petroleum products in India?],by paying in US Dollars.Both the above moves by Pranab Mukherjee strengthens the US Dollar against the Indian Rupee.FIIS running away[ another weakening of the Rupee.Conspiracy for FDI in retail etc],from Indian Stock markets has also contributed to the weakening of the Rupee.
    It may be recalled that Pranab Mukherjee was grilled in the USA about Diesel price Decontrol,the so-called "reforms"[FDI in retail] etc.Now, why does the USA grill an Indian Finance minister about India's polices?This means the Indira congress party is a puppet of the USA and perhaps,Bilderberg,too.
    Even though there is a tremendous Opposition to the petrol price hike of 23/5/2012,cunningly thrust upon Indians by the Indira Congress party and the many anti-India polices,sugar-coated,as 'reforms',Pranab Mukherjee,Anand Shrama,India's commerce Minister[NOT ELECTED to the Lok Sabha] always claim that,these above-mentioned polices will be implemented by Consensus.
    Thus the weakening of the Rupee,the degrading of India's Sovereign Debt,the keeping of Crude prices very HIGH by speculation,India continuing to IMPORT Crude,whatever the price,[whereas Gold import was discouraged],etc are seen as a conspiracy a la M M Singh's 1991 trick[deja vu!],to usher in anti-India and pro-MNC, polices.

To be continued......

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Letter To The President Of India,regarding "UNDER-RECOVERIES".

Your Excellency Madam President,
                                Crores of Pranams to Your Excellency.I have found Your Excellency to be one of the best presidents of India,paying heed to grievances of people like me.I am very sad that Your Excellency will be leaving soon,which I consider a personal and National Loss.May God bless Your excellency with a healthy,happy and long life.
                                 It has been my pleasure to send you many grievances.This one is as important as the previous ones.
                                 This concerns, the so-called "under-recoveries" ,claimed by the PSU Oil marketing Cos.Many people have found this to be a wrong claim.Please use the following link:-
                                 Since this affects the POOR,Middle Class and the Fixed-Income groups,I request that both the GOI and the OMCs explain to the nation,as to what these "under-recoveries" ,are ,and how they contribute to the LOSSES claimed by the OMCs.
                    Thanking Your excellency,
Yours truly,
 Your Request/Grievance is Registered Successfully!!
Your Request/Grievance Registration Number is :

Note: Kindly note your Request Registration Number for further references

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Petroleum Products Conspiracy in India....

  THIS link illustrates the whole point.
India imports about 75 to 80% of its Crude Oil requirements.The Bill is very huge and even adversely,affectes the CAD and BOP.The oil Cos cry hoarse of LOSSES due to HIGH Crude oil prices,and DEMAND hikes in Fuel prices.Yet neither the GOI nor the Oil Cos,have ever thought of reducing imports,based on the break-even price!How can this be possible?Nobody does business to lose.Then what can be the reason?
1.The Private players and THE ONLY MNC marketing Co in India dealing with petroleum products are the REAL beneficiaries,as they can make huge profits.
2.One big Global player has gone into PPP with HPCL and the refinery in Bhatinda started in April-May,2012.
3.The players mentioned above are highly influential and can "manipulate" events on Global level.
4.So what's happening is this:-
i.The USA and the West have de-industrialized for a long time concentrating mainly on Speculation,Military Industrial Complex, Pharma,GMO and Global Finance like lending....
ii.India,on the other hand has been converted into a "Production Centre" for the Globalists,mainly from the West,with the following benefits;-
a.Cheap labour
b.Water, power,raw-materials,Land[which will increase in value V time],etc provided by India.
c.As more and more Foreign Cos set up shops in India demand for petroleum products will increase due to increase in energy for running the Plants[Boiler etc], transport/logistics etc.THIS WILL INCREASE THE DEMAND FOR PETROLEUM PRODUCTS.
d.Many MNCs are auto-manufacturers
e.Banks offer Loans for purchase of vehicles.  
     The last two will again increase the DEMAND for Petro-Products.
     While the MNCs and Banks indulge in this,the third member of the Conspiracy will RAISE Crude prices,along with the OPEC cartel,by misusing Derivatives,by Speculation,which does NOT require,much efforts like running factories,which has been handed over to India. 
Montek Singh Ahuliwalia wants ,as per,report on 27/5/2012:-
i.Deregulation of Diesel,LPG and Kerosene
Comment:-This is to favour the private players and the MNCs.
   A regulator is required.Deregulation is like doing away with the Police and the Judiciary and appointing THE THIEF as the Adjudicator.
ii.Making prices of petroleum products in India equal to the Global ones.
  This is wrong as refining is done in India and is cheaper based on labour etc.
To be continued......

Friday, May 18, 2012

Why the sudden Friendship with the Terror Threat Pakistan?

  Iran is being cornered by the USA.India's route to Afghanistan and Eurasia, is via Iran.Hence the USA "is offering" one through pakistan,by making India being Friends with the Terror threat, Pakistan,at the cost of Iran.
1.Tunnel,400 metres-long,to Pakistan,on the Indian side discovered in Samba District,of Kashmir.The photo below,is from the link,above,[].

2.Pakistan is circulating Fake Indian Currencies.
3.Dawood Ibrahim and many other terrorists,are protected by Pakistan.
4.Pakistan cheats even China,in Xinjiang.And USA too,but its is mutual.
To be continued.....