Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trilateral Commission II

  The original Trilateral Commission was among the USA,Japan and Canada...This LINK,quotes an article,dated 10th May,2008, says India and China may be "invited" to the TC.
   To the best of this writer's knowledge,China so far has not been a member,of TC.And TC II,is especially,directed against China!!!
   THIS link is a must read!

Trilateral Commission II among India,USA and Japaan is a very great threat to india's Sovereignty and non-alignment[?]
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

M M Singh Asks PSUs to Invest Excess Cash Or,Pay Special Dividend.IMF,World Bank,Bilderberg,G-20, Diktat?

M M Singh Asks PSUs to Invest Excess Cash  Or,Pay Special Dividend.IMF,World Bank,Bilderberg,G-20, Diktat?
M M Singh takes orders from his masters,outside India.
      The use of the Funds of LIC to prop up the Stock Markets a demand by Tim Geithner,in 2010,of Pranab Mukherjee,the then Finance Minister.Very few now,that the Stock,Commodities and Currency Markets are for STEALING THE WEALTH of INDIVIDUALS by the Globalist Bankers, misusing the unregulated and highly leveraged,Derivatives.The Globalist Bankers,vehemently,oppose any regulation on either the derivatives or themselves.The Globalist bankers,have INSIDE INFORMATION,due to contact with the GOI.Many,like M M Singh and Montek Singh Ahuliwalia,etc are NOT EVEN ELECTED by the people of India to the Lok Sabha, and are former employees of the IMF and World Bank or have been deputed to these on some pretext or the other. Pulok Chatterjee and Raghuram Rajan are examples.
      The Oligarchs have been offered huge concessions and SUBSIDIES,in the form of STIMULI[IMF's and World Bank's language for subsidy to the RICH]from 2008. Kejriwal claims that his is about Rs 13 Lakh Crores so far and continue to receive them.  
        The Private Cos are, reported to be, sitting on a huge pile of cash.Why,they are not asked to invest,but are offered HUGE SUBSIDIES?Stopping these will reduce the HUGE Fiscal Deficit.But M M Singh wants to keep the same high[inflation,also],to :-
i)ERODE the "wealth" of Indians
ii)Usher in the anti-National and pro-MNC policies.
      M M Singh kis a member,Club Of Rome,just like Gorbachev,who "dissolved" the erstwhile USSR.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

J.P.Morgan Has The Permission To "Naked short", Silver?

  Does J.P.Morgan the ONLY dominant player in Silver market,have the permission,from the powers that be,to manipulate Silver markets?
  Ted Butler,seems to think so,in an article dated 15th June,2012.
Add the REPEAL of Glass-Steagall Act to this.This is also known as THE BANKING ACT OF 1933.What do these convey?
That SOME ARE ABOVE LAW,and are themselves the Government.
It is worth noting that M M Singh is trying ti bring a similar situation in India with PPP,NMIZ etc,which will make Oligarchs above law.PPP and NMIZs do not come under the purview of CAG and CVC the main watch-dogs of India.
      India is a Dictatorial or Police State now........
Tom be continued.....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Donations To Foreign Universities By Indians.......

    Foreign Universities,especially those of the USA and the UK are reported to be FRONTS for the;likes of CIA,MI,MI6 etc.They receive a lot of Donation from Indians who were former Students.......In return,it seems,they are PLANTED in positions of influence in the GOI.......or new ones created for their sake.This shows how much India has been infiltrated by various methods.......This enables,these people[the former Students who donate],to be occupied far beyond their age of retirement,while Common Indians have to retire by the AGE OF 60,or take VRS,earlier...
1.Nandan Nilekani
       Donated $ 5 Million,to the Yale University.
He is the Chief of Aadhaar,a Surveillance tool,for One World Totalitarian Government. Aadhaar is also called UID, and is covertly being made compulsorily.
     One of the many examples of a person NOT EVEN ELECTED holding a responsible position in the GOI,deciding the Destiny of India!!!

2.Ratan Tata
                     Donates to Harvard,a reported CIA front.$50 Million
3.Joginder nath,WVU genetics professor,Gifts Art Museum to the University [West Virginia]..
4.Anand MAHINDRA donates $10 Million to Harvard.
5.Anil Ambani gift to Wharton,University Of Pennsylvania.Minimum $ 1 million,as per the link.......
   Anil,Ambani reportedly had a quarrel and broke off relationship[BUSINESS],with his elder brother for becoming an Independent Member of the Rajya Sabha in 2004,with the support of the Samajwadi Party,which has been rescuing the Indira Congress party from the UPA I-days,of the so-called,"Indo-US Nuclear Deal". .
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Monday, October 15, 2012

India is in Danger With CRUEL People As Watch-Dogs!

  The present Prez of India,[as on 15.10.2012],has recommended the alignment of the Indian prices of the petroleum Fuels with the Global ones.This is most cruel and shows a lack of knowledge or UTTER ARROGANCE,most probably the latter.India,under the Indira Congress party is controlled by the Blderberg,Rothschilds,Club Of 300 and Club f Rome,of which M M Singh is a member,The aims of Club Of Rome,are,reported to be:-
2.Shattering economics of Nations.
  Gorbachev is,probably, responsible for the "dismantling" of the erstwhile USSR.M M Singh is also doing the same to India,on the diktats of his,Western  Masters.
      Coming back to the matter in question,
His recommendation is CRUEL as:-
1.The income of average Indians is far below that of the International one.
2.Per capita income of Indians is low,even after the MAJOR contribution to the same by a few Billionaires!
     One is surprised by the lack of knowledge and empathy by the "watch dogs".......
Tom be continued.......

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Formula 1 At Buddh,Noida,2012,Illuminati Event.....

  Last year F1 took place,very near to Halloween [31/10/2012]e around 28/10/2012.
Countdown to this year's even has started.
  As an example,it is reported on 17/10/2012,that Paris Hilton,a reported porn Artiste will take part in a Fashion Show,in Goa,this month........
  I have started an article on this,because it is an ILLUMINATI GLOBALIST event,cloaked, like many other things,in Sports,Music,Fashion,Movies,etc.Association with Drugs,Alcohol[?],Espionage,Money-laundering and other unethical banking practices in the form of a CARRIER of papers,Money,messages, etc are suspected[by me].F1 and the events associated with it and occurring, simultaneously around the GLOBE,has a very great significance,like acceptance of the host nations in the Illuminati Fold,etc etc.........If one is alert,one can read many things,that may take place in the FUTURE....
a)Gillard visits India in October,2012 and:-
i)Talks about Uranium sales to India.very significant as Australia is very stringent,in matter concerning Nuclear Energy etc, and wants India to sign the NPT.Has M M Singh already done so,as he capitulated to Bush in 2005?
ii)An Indian cricketer is AWARDED BY THE Aussie Government.Confirms the fact,that the Illuminati misuse Sports and related events.....
   Is this a sign of improved relations with Australia? What is the price paid by M M Singh,at India's cost?
                   Australia's Westpac opens its FIRST BRANCH in Mumbai,India,as per announcer today,in Mumbai.
   Social Engineering with the ones mentioned in the above paragraph,is one of the most important aims of F1,Music,Fashion,Movies,sports events in which Cheer Leaders are used, etc.....
   i)Tattoos are being,CUNNINGLY [MIS]used for Navaratri.The following photo is from the Hindu dated 21/10/2102,online edition:-
ii)HERE,I leave ti to the reader to make up his/her own mind.
  Il Duce and M M Singh,promote Aadhaar,a Surveillance Tool,which will become dangerous with such proposed entities,like NCTC,a DHS-clone. By cash payments banks will benefit,as this is similar to Food Stamps,in the USA,in which the US Bankers are reported to be making a lot of money..Inflation will eat away the subsidy amount in the long run.The hand of the World Bank is very strongly suspected.The Father of Aadhaar,Nandan Nilekani,has connections with the yale university,a reported,CIA front.
     From the following photo from the link above,one can judge who the de facto PM of India is!Note how embarrassed M M Singh is!

Watch the Media Hype with Titbits and Trivia.Note the events taking place around the Globe simultaneously.More HYPE.

More Videos before/on BUDDH ,2012 event here.
Subtle attack on India's Sovereignty in India itself,by the Italian Ferrari........Il Duce is an Italian....
Cabinet reshuffle on the day of F1. Foreign influence?F1 has connotations with "F":-FOREIGN?
Salman Khurshid is made Foreign Minister.On 30/10/2012,Cricket Tour by Pakistan approved by the Indira Congress party-led Coalition!!!
 To be continued.....

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Club Of 300 And India's petroleum Fuel Policy,under M M Singh,member,Club Of Rome....

      It is widely suspected that in 2004 a regime change was achieved by the Global Elites in India and M M Singh,member,Club Of Rome,a child of Club Of 300,was appointed as PM of India with a deft and deceptive manipulation.......

After 2004 India's Petroleum Industry is targeted for Policy Changes favouring the Rothschilds and Mittal,both member's Club Of 300[lAKSHMI MITTAl,Rothschilds].M M Singh is member Club Of Rome.
Vikram Singh Mehta,member Club Of Rome India a child of both Club Of 300 and Club Of Rome,is CEO Shell India[a Rothschilds Co in collaboration with Total of France].he was ADVISOR to the Ministry Of Petroleum And NG for FOUR years.In 2004,Shell India got 100% FDI Clearance in LNG marketing,with a terminal in Hazira,Gujarat.This is a very shrewd business move, as cooking in India will later be converted to LNG as the Fuel.In Delhi Kerosene is discouraged and freebies are being offered by this Union Territory Government to encourage the use of LNG as the cooking  medium.The huge number of households in India, is a very lucrative market...
    The proposed New LNG Policy seems to be for favouring the Rothschilds.
    The shocking hikes and deregulation of petroleum fuels,especially after about 27th April 2012,when the Bhatnda Refinery,a PPP=-affair between HPCL and Mittal Energy Investment Ltd [MEL],, is also for the benefit of the Rothschilds Mittal and the private players in India.
       During the inauguration of the Commissioning of the Bhatinda refinery M M Singh hinted at price hikes of petroleum fuels,as usual not failing to mention about "India's Poor",in his "double-speak",so hypocritical of him and his elk!
      It is to be noted that the Rothschilds,through their ERANDA FOUNDATION have started a Scholarship for Indian Students, in the Cambridge University,inn the name of M M Singh.
     Shell India has since has signed, a MOU with ONGC.India's oil Sector INFILTRATED!
To be continued......