Saturday, November 22, 2014

India Openly Joins Anglo-American Fold,Thanks To Chinese Threat.

       India,was forced to abandon its Non-Aligned position,after the fall of the erstwhile USSR.The USA was also exerting force,especially the Republicans,under Geroge Bush,on India to join the Anglo-American Axis.
     The Russians were also trying for an Alliance among China,India and themselves.
      In 2005,M M Singh covertly took a pro-US-UK-Oligarchs position.
       Meanwhile China was infiltrating into India often.recently China is reported to be training Pak Soldiers on the Jammu Kashmir border.
       As soon as BJP came to Power,Modi visited Japan and seems to have secretly agreed for a Japan-Australia-US-India Deal,thus becoming the slave of the West.It is worth noting that,except Russia and China and North Korea,all nations are "financial slaves" of the Western Bankers,also called "International Bankers".
      The visit of Indian Ministers or Battle Ships to Israel after Election Victories,have become routine now,at least from 2004.And Home Minister Rajnath Singh visited Israel,this month[November 2014].Shri Modi,did so,in mid-2017.
      In November 2014,India and Australia signed a Defence Co-operation Agreement.
      And Russia has signed one with Pakistan. 
     This is ominous for India,as Russia,China,Pakistan,North Korea,Iran are together.Most of these are India's neighbours.
     Even Srilanka is, openly hostile to India and favours ties with China and Pakistan.
     In 2016,India offered bases for the US military.But......
the US signed $20 Billion, Trade Deal with China,shockinng many,
including India,Japan,Australia etc....In the ASEAN,soon,Shri Modi,said:-
"India would do,,what the  USA & the World want her to do"!

In October November 2017,China infiltrated into India many times,once about 19 km,inside.
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Signs India's Economy Is Very Brittle As On 12/2/2014

1.Jittery over US Federal Reserve's QE "taper".
2.Even Rs 93,000 Crores is not available,for the purchase of 126 Fighter planes [Rafale],from France.
3.The Finance Ministry is selling IOC shares, to ONGC and Oil India Ltd,and has been ,"increasing the price of ",IOC shares!!!IOC has risen from about Rs 199 to about Rs 257/=, in a short span of time,after the announcement of the sale, to the two oil producers.
4.Raising taxes on IMPORTED Gold and Silver[about 17%,at the time of posting].
5.Crude Oil import is NOT reduced at all!
    Items 4 and 5 above show,fear of "forces" from outside India.The same is the case, with the hiking of the prices of petroleum fuels,keeping the Rupee DELIBERATELY WEAK!
6.India Inc faces FCCB and CDR problems.
7.The NPAs of PSU Banks is very high.
8.Not hiking the pays of PSU bank employees.
9.Air India,BHEL etc in trouble.A deliberate attempt to destroy India's PSUs for the sake of privatization,is observed.
10.Mega-corruption of the UPA.
11.Debt very high and hence huge interest payment, with very little left for the economy.
12.The Indian Rupee is kept DELIBERATELY WEAK.
      A WEAK Currency will destroy a nation as per Nicolaus Copernicus.Many Modern Economists agree with this view,of the great Polish Astronomer,who was good in Economics and other subjects too.
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