Friday, June 22, 2012

India-USA Strategic Dialogue III,June,2012.NCTC,a DHS Clone a great Threat To Freedom!

India-USA Strategic Dialogue III,June,2012.
  It is not surprising that this has taken place after the Bilderberg SECRET Annual meeting in Virginia,USA.Hillary Clinton is a Bilderberger.
1.Major threat for India is NCTC[DHS of the USA].This is to convert India into a Police State with Surveillance and Terrorism on the Citizens by the Indira Congress party,which is already a Dictator,reminding one of Indira Gandhi's Emergency.
To be continued.....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shenanigans Before,State Assembly And Lok Sabha Elections...

1.Bilderberg and its lackey Indira Congress party seem to be at their worst,with mischief with the Lok Sabha polls which may take place anytime now.Assembly Elections,2012, are also eyed by these two.
2.Nitish Kumar has ambitions to be PM of India but lacks the charisma...Bill Gates seems to be controlling him and Akilesh Yadav.
4.14-year-old student in Tamil Nadu school,forced to drink Urine.This is for "outcome based education".For this the TEACHER has to be eliminated to be replaced by a FACILITATOR.hence this mischief by NGOs.This is going on in the USA despite protests by Teachers and parents who WILL lose control of their children. Hence Teachers are targeted by Foreign-Funded, NGOs,who have to be Banned.

To be continued....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

:Letter To the President Of India

Your Excellency Madam President,
                               CRORES of Pranams to you.I have made a grievance to your Excellency, regarding the so-called,"under-recoveries" of the PSU Oil Marketing Cos.Under-recoveries,grab a huge chunk of the National Exchequer,and have been doing so from ONLY 2005,AND NOT BEFORE.This is a very significant point.
                               Refining of Crude Oil is done in India but pricing,of the petroleum products thus produced,(IN India),and marketed by the PSU OMCs, is on the basis of International Benchmark,that too in US Dollars.THIS SHOULD BE IN RUPEES,BASED ON TOTAL REFINING COST.
                               Landed cost is misused,in the above,as refining is done in India.Landed cost applies ONLY for IMPORTED items,and not to the ones, produced in India.
   Please use the following links:-

   I have copied a sample, for making Judgement easy.Please, see below.
Price Build-up of Domestic LPG (14.2 Kg Cylinder) at Delhi
Sr. No. Elements Unit
1st June'12
1* FOB Price at Arab Gulf of LPG $/MT 852.78
2* Add: Ocean Freight from AG to Indian Ports $/MT 43.39
3 CF (Cost  Freight) Price $/MT 896.17
OR /Cylinder 689.03
4* Import Charges (Insurance/Ocean Loss/ LC Charge/Port Dues) /Cylinder 5.82
5* Basic Customs Duty /Cylinder 0.00
6* Import Parity Price (Sum of 3 to 5) /Cylinder 694.84
7* Refinery Transfer Price (RTP) for Domestic LPG
(Price Paid by the Oil Marketing Companies to Refineries)
/Cylinder 694.84
8* Add : Inland Freight, Delivery Charges etc. /Cylinder 39.46
9* Add : Marketing Cost of OMCs /Cylinder 12.38
10* Add : Marketing Margin of OMCs /Cylinder 6.68
11* Add : Bottling Charges (Filling and Cylinder Cost) /Cylinder 38.68
12 Total Desired Price (Sum of 7 to 11)
-Before Excise Duty, VAT and Distributor Commission
/Cylinder 792.04
13* Less : Subsidy by Central Government /Cylinder 22.58
14* Less: Under-recovery to Oil Marketing Companies /Cylinder 396.03
15* Price Charged to Distributor (Bottling Plant Price) (12-13-14)
- Excluding Excise Duty  VAT
/Cylinder 373.43
16* Add : Excise Duty (Including Education Cess) /Cylinder 0.00
17* Add : Distributor Commission /Cylinder 25.83
18* Add : VAT(including VAT on Distributor Commission) applicable for Delhi /Cylinder 0.00
19 Retail Selling Price (Sum of 15 to 18) /Cylinder 399.26
20 Retail Selling Price at Delhi (Rounded Off) /Cylinder 399.00
21 Under Recovery due to Rounding Down /Cylinder 0.26
* The explanatory notes are given in the attachment.

     The above is ONLY a sample.
     There is more to this,as aligning of the petroleum products' price with the Global ones is being contemplated,despite the per capita income in India is different from other countries and hence such an alignment is bad for and will adversely affect Indians, at large.
     But this has a mala fide aim.The FDI in retail being proposed now, has a connection will all the above,as the MNCs will benefit a lot,if FDI in retail is implemented at all,with very huge profits.The reason for "removal of subsidy",is also for the sake of the MNCs.In this context,it should be mentioned that the stimuli,which are continuing from 2008,,are nothing but HUGE SUBSIDIES,to the rich Oligarchs.
     I hope your excellency will do the needful.
Thanking Your Excellency,
Yours truly,
Your Request/Grievance Registration Number is : PRSEC/E/2012/

Note: Kindly note your Request Registration Number for further references            

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Foreign Powers" Jealous Of India under Vajpayee?

Were Foreign Powers jealous of India's Nationalism and hence,were, against the BJP?This assumption,may not be wrong knowing that Bilderberg,is against Nationalism!What can be the MAIN reason?
THE INDIAN ECONOMY WAS VERY STRONG UNDER THE BJP IN 2003/4! India had a Current Account Surplus!The Globalist International Bankers do not like Loans to be returned.They consider this as HUBRIS!They want nations to be in perpetual debt[to bankrupt them],,which M M Singh,their puppet is striving for.

Gujarat was peaceful,when Godhra occurred.
A year before 2009 Lok Sabha Elections Kandhamal occurred
Gujjar Agitation occurred in Rajasathan just before the assembly Elections in 2008.
     Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee,a very popular Nationalist leader,became sick.He had attended many Luncheons hosted in his favour.Could he have been poisoned.Going by THIS,it is possible.CIA favours the current UPA Government.Six Latin American Leaders,who were opposed to the USA,had Cancer.
To be continued....

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Letter To The President Of India On PPP.

Your Excellency Madam President,
                                Crores of Pranams to you.
    It is worrying to note that, efforts are being made to DEREGULATE almost everything,in India,which will make Indian and Foreign Cos above Indian Law and allow looting, of the Wealth of our beloved Nation.In addition,pollution will increase, in the case of Industries with "self-" or de-regulation,allowed on the basis of the so-called,"National Manufacturing Policy".The so-called,PPP(Public Private Partnership),is a case in point.
   PPP is not covered either by CAG or CVC due to the nature of share holding(48% GOI).THIS MAKES PPPs ABOVE INDIAN LAW,as there is no oversight of this entity. The HUGE Infrastructure Projects planned on PPP basis is a cause for great concern as there will be no oversight for about 14% of India's present GDP,per year,for the next five years,(the 12th Five Year Plan).
   Hence I request that:-
1. PPP projects,should have the GOI holding 51% shares for CAG and CVC oversight.
2. PPPs will also usher in Oligarchy in the Democratic Republic Of India.
3.PPPs will allow Black Money to be re-routed to India.
4.PPPs,in which Foreigners have share holding will weaken the Rupee and hand over its control to Foreigners.A nation is unsafe,when she does not CONTROL her own, CURRENCY.FIIs are having a LOT of CONTROL over India's Rupee now,which is a matter of serious concern.
    I hope Your excellency will do the needful.
  Thanking Your excellency,
Yours truly,
   Your Request/Grievance is Registered Successfully!!
Your Request/Grievance Registration Number is : PRSEC/-/2012/-