Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shenanigans Before,State Assembly And Lok Sabha Elections...

1.Bilderberg and its lackey Indira Congress party seem to be at their worst,with mischief with the Lok Sabha polls which may take place anytime now.Assembly Elections,2012, are also eyed by these two.
2.Nitish Kumar has ambitions to be PM of India but lacks the charisma...Bill Gates seems to be controlling him and Akilesh Yadav.
4.14-year-old student in Tamil Nadu school,forced to drink Urine.This is for "outcome based education".For this the TEACHER has to be eliminated to be replaced by a FACILITATOR.hence this mischief by NGOs.This is going on in the USA despite protests by Teachers and parents who WILL lose control of their children. Hence Teachers are targeted by Foreign-Funded, NGOs,who have to be Banned.

To be continued....

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