Sunday, June 10, 2012

Letter To The President Of India On PPP.

Your Excellency Madam President,
                                Crores of Pranams to you.
    It is worrying to note that, efforts are being made to DEREGULATE almost everything,in India,which will make Indian and Foreign Cos above Indian Law and allow looting, of the Wealth of our beloved Nation.In addition,pollution will increase, in the case of Industries with "self-" or de-regulation,allowed on the basis of the so-called,"National Manufacturing Policy".The so-called,PPP(Public Private Partnership),is a case in point.
   PPP is not covered either by CAG or CVC due to the nature of share holding(48% GOI).THIS MAKES PPPs ABOVE INDIAN LAW,as there is no oversight of this entity. The HUGE Infrastructure Projects planned on PPP basis is a cause for great concern as there will be no oversight for about 14% of India's present GDP,per year,for the next five years,(the 12th Five Year Plan).
   Hence I request that:-
1. PPP projects,should have the GOI holding 51% shares for CAG and CVC oversight.
2. PPPs will also usher in Oligarchy in the Democratic Republic Of India.
3.PPPs will allow Black Money to be re-routed to India.
4.PPPs,in which Foreigners have share holding will weaken the Rupee and hand over its control to Foreigners.A nation is unsafe,when she does not CONTROL her own, CURRENCY.FIIs are having a LOT of CONTROL over India's Rupee now,which is a matter of serious concern.
    I hope Your excellency will do the needful.
  Thanking Your excellency,
Yours truly,
   Your Request/Grievance is Registered Successfully!!
Your Request/Grievance Registration Number is : PRSEC/-/2012/-

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