Friday, September 30, 2011

Indira Congress party member says the 2 G spectrum policy was wrong and the NOT mega-corrupt UPA!!

An Indira Congress party member Nirupam claims that THE POLICY was wrong in 2 G spectrum and that the mega-corrupt UPA was not guilty.But Dr Swamy wants MM Singh to come out clean.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

MM Singh Delays Arrival In India!

MM Singh Delays Arrival In India!Will visit Iran on his way back from the UN.He is involved in the 2 G spectrum scam from 2006.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Balkans,Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya.....

The Globalists have been swallowing one Nation after the other,with utter ruthlessness and contempt for the International Law and weak[Old,Women and Children].

Aggression And Psychology Being Used By the Indira Congress party.

PMO To Finalize The BPL List.

News on 15/9/2011:-
PMO To Finalize The BPL List.

Indira Congress party makes fun of Shri Modi Ji for Visa denial by the USA!

P. Chidambaram Wants To Set Up National Counter Terrorism Centre

As per reports on 15/9/2011,Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram hoped his proposal of  National  Counter Terrorism Centre, will get the nod.He is constantly in touch with Janet Napolitano and Panetta,his masters from the USA.He also talked about the NATGRID,a National Database.
Clearly Surveillance is the main aim. 

1.This can be misused to harass the political and other opponents of the Indira Congress party like the CBI,EC etc are being done  at present.
2.Surveillance on/of the Indian citizens as mentioned above.
To be continued.......

The Italian Woman Is back "at" Work!!!

        The Italian Woman is back at work,reportedly after undergoing a "surgery" in the USA where she stayed, well over a month,as on 15/9/2011.It is to be noted that she was NOT in India on 15/8/2011,the Independence Day of India.Certainly,a message is being conveyed here.
        What's the significance of this "secret" visit and extended stay?
1.She and her Family, are the rulers of India and the Indira Congress party now.
She was instrumental in getting the so-called "Indo-US Nuclear Deal" through.
For such a person to stay in "secret" in a Foreign Nation is very dangerous for India.
2.India is the puppet of the USA under the Indira Congress party.
3.No sooner she returned from the USA than the proposed Communal Violence Bill,the brainchild of "her" NAC, was discussed in and met with strong Opposition,as it will enable the Government at the Centre to be all powerful,destroying the Federal Structure of the Nation.
4.She and her son were in Switzerland at about the same time the Secret Annual Meeting of the Bilderberg,was on.This evil Elite body seems to have contacted her.Right from that time,[June,2011],the Indira congress party members are shouting from roof tops that Amul Baby should be the PM of India.
5.She avoided the sensitive and uncomfortable Monsoon Session of the Indian Parliament,2011.MM Singh also uses this trick,and usually "runs away" at the prospect of facing an angry Parliament.

To be continued........