Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The UN,Population,Food Shortage......

     The refrain of the UN regarding population,Food Shortage ,MDG etc are mala fide,as the UN and the League Of Nations were founded for forming One World Totalitarian Government.
     What's wrong with the UN?It is US[+UK+France].
     In the case of League Of Nations  and Council On Foreign Relations Edaward Mandel House,a Marxist,took the initiative.
     The following are  Globalist bodies intent on forming the One World Totalitarian Government.
1.Council On Foreign Relations
3.Trilateral Commission
4.Skull And Bones
5.Club Of Rome[MM Singh and Gorbachev members.Considering what Gorbachev did to the erstwhile USSR and is doing to  the present day Russia,one should fear for India and her Sovereignty under MM Singh also.Already MM Singh's policies have put the POOR,Middle Class and Fixed-Income Groups of India in great financial misery as they are unable to make both ends meet due to HIGH Inflation and low value of the Rupee.
6. Committee Of 300
7.Aspen Institute
8.Chatham House
9.The Businessroundtable
10.UN and its carious bodies.
  The following people are reported to be Globalists whose aim is One World Totalitarian Government.
1.The Rothschilds
2.The Rockefellers
3. Henry Kissinger and other Bilderbergers and these are many like Hillary Clinton,Tony Blair etc.
     Ratan Tata is said t have relations with Bilderberg and is a strong Globalist as he is favoured in many alliances like the most recent one,Tata Coffee-Starbucks.
     Sunil Bharati Mittal,member Trilateral Commission,Asia-Pacific,is having connections with the Rothschild,the Carnegie Foundation,and like the latter and the Rockefeller,seems to be using the "Charity in Education"-route,to usurp power on behalf o the Globalist Oligarchs.
      Azim Prem Ji is a Rockefeller-Carnegie-Clone using their method of Charity in Education to usurp Power of the Indian Government.
      Nilekani Of the Aadhar is having connections with the Yale University,which is a reported front of the CIA and home to the dreaded Skull And Bones.
      Chidambaram and Kapil  Sibal are from the Harvard University,which is a reported front of the CIA.
In addition many are from the IMF and the World bank[Montek Singh Ahuliwalia,Pulok Chatterji,Secretary to the PMO].
   Narayanamurthy,formerly, of Infosys,is a member, Trilateral Commission,Asia-Pacific.
      Thus the Globalists have infiltrated India's Administration....
      The Globalist Bodies like the UN pretend to do good but actually try things with a view to ushering in One World Totalitarian government,by usurping power of nations and making them,lose Sovereignty.General the Head of the UN is a person "chosen" by the USA[and to a lesser extent UK and France].
       The failure of the UN in Iraq and Libya has made it a body of the three mentioned above,The trick used in Iraq and Libya is being repeated in Syria  and Iran,now,but Russia and China and to a lesser extent many other nations are opposing this.
       Thus the so called MDG of the UN is nothing but Agenda 21.
The WHO has been reported to have indulged in DEPOPULATION in the Third World including India.
        And, the UN's  rantings on HIGH Population,Food and water shortages etc, are mere LIES, pretending to do good for the World at large,but actually usurping Power for the formation of One World Totalitarian Government.
To be continued.......

The Devas Antrix Scam

The Devas-Antrix Scam.  The choice of the names will strike a sentimental chord with Indians,as Devas means Gods and Antrix means sky or Space.
   The CAG exposed this Sweetheart deal as the ONLY one to gain is Devas, wot NO bidding. Madeleine Albright,Deutsche Telecom and German Government are the other players.
  From the Indian side,MM Singh,DoS[under MM Singh],ISRO,Antrix are ones involved.MM Singh as in the 2 G Spectrum scam,simply keeps quiet for any queries even by the Deutsche Telecom and the German Government,at least in Public.

To be continued....

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Proposed Privatization Of Water.

The Proposed Privatization Of Water,has been a very strong demand by the MNCs,the World Bank and the IMF, which is reported to have created havoc in Bolivia,in this front.The Cochabamba Protests were against the MNCs getting involved in Bolivia's Infrastructure and Municipal Water.Under M M Singh and Ahuliwalia 2 former World Bank employees, the same things are being TRIED in India.
    An excerpt from the link above:-
"The Cochabamba protests of 2000, also known as the "Cochabamba Water Wars", were a series of protests that took place in CochabambaBolivia's third largest city, between January 1999 and April 2000 in response to multinational participation in the infrastructure and management of the city's municipal water supply."
           In India also,Infrastructure and Water are eyed by the MNCs,the World bank and the IMF,with MM Singh trying to take a very HUGE Loan of $ 1 Trillion for Infrastructure.The lenders World bank and the IMF.What better[worse?] way to fall into the notorious Debt Trap set by[of], these two,International Banks!
       THIS is a very good rebuttal of the Policy proposed.
The points proposed are:-
1.Calls for privatisation of water-delivery services and suggests that water be priced so as to “fully recover” the costs of operation and administration of water-resources projects
                           Water is a natural life-giving and necessary resource like AIR.  Charging it is absurd.Will AIR we breath be charged in future?Is the UPA a Company [Oligarchy] without having any empathy, aiming to make money?If making money is its aim,why does it  tax the Citizens?
                           If so what is its answer for its HUGE corruption and the THREE HUGE Stimuli for the  Oligarchs,starting 2008/2009?In the last Budget the Oligarchs are reported to have been given a concession to the tune of Rs 4.6 Lakh Crores.[India's Total Budgeted Expenditure is ONLY about Rs 12 Lakh Crores].The UPA should FIRST STOP its mega-corruption,too.
2.Communities and the private sector should be encouraged to play this role. 
                    This is PPP,which ushers Oligarchy,in the Democratic Republic Of India.  
The Common Indian Citizens will suffer a lot under this system.
3.The proposals could mean sharp rises in the cost of water for both rural and urban users — an outcome the policy suggests will help curtail misuse of a precious but scarce resource.
                       Inflation is already high.This will be another huge burden as cost of living will be higher.
4.The draft policy calls for the abolition of all forms of water subsidies to the agricultural and domestic sectors, but says “subsidies and incentives” should be provided to private industry for recycling and reusing treated effluents.
                               Stopping subsidies to Agriculture will increase the Inflation and hence cost of living as Agricultural produce will become costly.Does the UPA want to DESTROY India's Agriculture?
                              Subsidies and incentives to Private Industry will result in FRAUD,as FALSE claims of producing and recycling "effluents" will be made.The NEED of the hour is REDUCING Effluent production itself.But the UPA seems to want to first produce a disease and find a cure for the same.THIS IS TRUE MM Singh-Globalists-tactic of CREATING a problem and coming out with a solution :-Deus ex machina.
                       MNC Soft-Drink makers should be asked to leave India as they consume huge amount of this precious resource.
                  Foreign Cos who have set up Industries here for CHEAP Labaur, and other precious resources like Water should be asked to LEAVE India.This will save Water,prevent Pollution and reduce,the so-called Carbon Emission.
                          In addition this seems to favour Industry over Agriculture,thus ushering in the US GMO Cos,by CREATING Food Shortage. 
5.To sustain Ground water India should exploit its vast coastal line by having Sea water Desalination Plants.

 1. The World Bank and the MNCs are repeating their trick in Bolivia,in 2000,in  Infrastructure and Water which was defeated by the people of Bolivia.Indians should also defeat this ABSURD and CRUEL policy with no empathy,with the World Bank aim of SLAVERY for the Indian Citizens,PPP, Privatization and profit for the MNCs.

2.To sustain Ground Water Level India should consider Sea Water Desalination Plants in her vast coast line.Other methods like rain-water harvesting etc should also  be used. 
3.Destroying Agriculture and favouring Industries is mainly for creating Food Shortage,thus ushering in the US GMO Cos.Increased cost of Agricultural produce will raise the Inflation and put the Indian Citizens to UNNECESSARY hardships.
          Private Industries should NOT be given any subsidies,especially at the cost of Agriculture,  as FRAUDULENT claims for producing and recycling "effluents" MAY be,  made.
          Minimum, "effluent" production,should be mandatory with penalties for higher and larger amounts of the same.
           Agriculture SHOULD be given TOP PRIORITY.Too much, Industrialization should be avoided.
4. MNC Soft-Drink makers should be asked to leave India as they consume huge amount of this precious resource.
          Foreign Cos who have set up Industries here, for CHEAP Labaur and other precious resources like Water should be asked to LEAVE India.This will save Water,prevent Pollution and reduce,the so-called Carbon Emission.
Letter To the President Of India.

Your Excellency Madam President,
                                     Crores of pranams to you.May India prosper under your able Leadership.
                                     This is my third or fourth Grievance to you,thanks to  Ahuliwalia now.It is the proposed "Water policy".The Planning Commission seems to dance to the tunes of the World Bank.
                                     One is surprised that he thinks  the  Government to be a Company with no empathy for the Citizens. One will not be surprised if AIR is charged for breathing in the near future,at this rate.
               Please find my grievance regarding the Proposed Water Policy in the following link:-
               Please help the poor,middle class and the fixed-income groups of India from being subjected to high cost of living,Your Excellency.
Yours truly,

Your Request/Grievance is Registered Successfully!!
Your Request/Grievance Registration Number is : PRSEC/E/2012/00983
Note: Kindly note your Request Registration Number for further references                

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Severe Cold In Andhra,Karnataka and Tamil Nadu 2011/2012 Winter

      Severe Cold is bring experienced In Andhra,Karnataka and Tamil Nadu 2011/2012 Winter[at the time of writing].Possible reasons,Geo-Engineering and two disasters,one Natural and the other man-made:-
1.The usage of Geo-Engineering[HAARP,Chemtrails etc] to enable about 50000  Japanese,who, may abandon Japan due to Fukushima, settle in South India. 
      The Tsunami and the consequent radiation from Fukushima [huge amount of "radioactivity" is being drained into the pacific,by Japan] may also,have "caused" a change in  the weather?
2.BP Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill.It is worth remembering that Chile experienced SNOW soon after,which had not occurred there at all,till that time.
To be continued....