Thursday, January 19, 2012

Severe Cold In Andhra,Karnataka and Tamil Nadu 2011/2012 Winter

      Severe Cold is bring experienced In Andhra,Karnataka and Tamil Nadu 2011/2012 Winter[at the time of writing].Possible reasons,Geo-Engineering and two disasters,one Natural and the other man-made:-
1.The usage of Geo-Engineering[HAARP,Chemtrails etc] to enable about 50000  Japanese,who, may abandon Japan due to Fukushima, settle in South India. 
      The Tsunami and the consequent radiation from Fukushima [huge amount of "radioactivity" is being drained into the pacific,by Japan] may also,have "caused" a change in  the weather?
2.BP Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill.It is worth remembering that Chile experienced SNOW soon after,which had not occurred there at all,till that time.
To be continued....

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