Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why India has been weak all along....

India has been weak Militarily,Diplomatically and Financially....
The reasons are:-
1.Its Political leaders,at the Centre, have been PLANTED from outside India for most part.
       At present the following people, NOT EVEN  ELECTED, to the Lok Sabha decide the fate of India in many fields:-
i.M M Singh,member,Club Of Rome.
ii.Montek Singh Ahuliwalia,a former employee of the World Bank.
iii.Nilekani is of a Cabinet Minister rank responsible for Aadhar,a suspected Surveillance tool.
iv.Sam Pitroda,connected with Electronics from,about  the 1980s
v.Anant Sharma,Minister For Commerce.
      Lies are being used ,to misguide the people to usher in anti-India policies.
2.Its Oligarchs, have connections with the CIA etc through the reported fronts, Harvard,Yale etc.
3.A nation will be strong, if its Majority are strong.In India Hindus,who are the Majority, are being systematically destroyed by the Globalists to form One World Totalitarian Government.For this, the majority of any nation who will offer the strongest Opposition,to the Globalists' aim of ushering in One World Totalitarian Government,are WEAKENED financially and  misusing Social Engineering, Propaganda[misusing Cinema,Video games,TV, newspapers etc etc] etc creating disunity among the population.
4.India does NOT strive for Self-Sufficiency, maybe due to BULLYING from a so-called Super Power.India purchases most of its Military Equipment,which might have been alright during the cold War as the erstwhile USSR supplied these at a relatively cheap rate,but not now.It also,DOES NOT produce Civilian Airliners.
To be continued.........

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