Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Great Global Swindle:-"Stock,Commodity and Currency" markets.

What are Stock Marktes?
Acquisitions and control of Industries and their economies,by manipulation,  by certain individuals are,some of the  the main aims of the Stock , markets,as also the Commodities and Currency ones.Even nations are controlled and ruled over,by bankers,misusing these.
Control in the hands of the Governments and a few Oligarchs,Bankers.
        Today using the Globalization as a pretext the Globalist bankers are wrecking Municipalities and even nations,like Greece, Italy,Portugal,Spain and even France,Britain and the USA herself.
  The swindle lies in repeated Inflation-Deflation and Boom-Burst Cycles,by the Globalist bankers......In this way they sell high and buy low repeatedly,making paupers of the ordinary population...
   To keep the Primacy of the Dollar Gold and Silver prices are kept low by the Globalist bankers resorting to major frauds like Gold Tungsten Scam..
   CDS is also misused for Currency manipulation to keep the Dollar stronger...
Today India and her economy are in deep, trouble because these and TREACHERY of the Indian leaders of the Indira Congress party.
    Today the whole World is in trouble as the Globalist bankers want to maintain the primacy of the "DEAD" Dollar...
To be continued.....

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