Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Suppression Of The Indian Democratic Republic By The UPA.

     The recent efforts by Sibal to suppress Internet Freedom,is a trampling on the Democracy in Indian Republic.But it is NOT surprising that this is coming from the Indira Congress party,whose Late Indira Gandhi,actually imposed Emergency in India,when the  EC Of India,adjudged that her Election was a fraud.Both MM Singh and The Italian Woman and her Family have been 'chipping away" at the Indian Democratic republic,to have a Family Dictatorship,which is amply demonstrated by this party's members,have scant regard for the Intra-Party Democracy and do not respect Seniority within the same.
      Another recent example was the subjugation of the DNAIndia,IndiaToday and the Times Group, site,which had the "temerity" to be critical of this party, by the I&B,under the UPA.
      The Indian Media very rarely,if at all,mention the following:-
1.Club Of Rome,of which MM Singh is a member.He is NOT ELECTED but is the PM of India, possibly PLANTED by the Globalist bankers.
2.Bilderberg,with which Ratan Tata is reported to be having contact,Indira Nooyi is a Bilderberg attendee.
3.Trilateral Commission, with which the following have connection:-
i.Sunil Bharti Mittal
ii.Narayanamurthy, of Infosys.Now retired.
4.Council On Foreign  Relations[CFR] which is THE RULER of the USA.
5. Skull And Bones,a secret Society with connections to the Yale University,a reported CIA front.
While all Governments control the Media to a certain extent,the condition under the UPA, especially after the Bush-MM Singh "secret" deals in 2005,is very pronounced and strong.
  Foreign Cos, notorious for controlling the Media in the USA[J.P.Morgan Chase],have announced,"campaigns" with Indian Media Houses the two notorious, ones,from the Indians' point of view, being:-
1.Times Group And J.P.Morgan Chase.
2.NDTV and Coca Cola.
  CNN-IBN is openly pro-USA and pro-Indra Congress party,going  by its coverage.No wonder,as CNN is a US Media Co.
   Many foreign Cos with Religious bent have usurped the control of the Indian media and are openly,anti-Hindu.This anti-Hindu bias may be because of the following:-
1."R2P" [Right to Protect]can be used against India by the West and the UN,in case an anti-West group comes to power in India.Many Gladio clones to smear Hindus as anti-Minority and anti-Dalit![though Dalits,are essentially  Hindus !].

2.Encourage and actively take part in the Conversion of Hindus to Christianity,by constant , vituperative attacks in Hindus,their way of Life etc.

3.Try to impose the views of the West by subtle Psychology[Predictive programming].
   The UPA's Minority Appeasement for votes, though POVERTY knows NO religion.
       The Indira congress party shows utter contempt for India's Democratic Republic, as it is defeated in the Lokpal Bill in Rajya Sabha.Vice President Hamid Ansari follows Dictatorial policies.
To be continued....       

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