Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The CIA and The Indian Elections.

The  CIA and The Indian Elections.
In 2012, Elections in the following States are due:-
Uttar Pradesh    
     Very high stakes for the Indira Congress party  in this State. Do not be surprised if, "ANY" method is employed to usurp Power in the coming Elections 2012.EVM misuse,False Flags Gladio-style are expected.The Election Commission seems to be pro-Indira Congress party and is trying to have the Elections in UP  in February when the school exams are on.The Mayawati Government opposed to the ECs biased attitude.And Salman Khurshid, openly claims that the Government has control over the EC!!!

Himachal Pradesh

   CIA is interested in influencing Elections "in the favour of the USA" everywhere in the World.In India the Indira Congress party is the USA's puppet and the CIA is interested in this party become strong,whose effect from Rajasthan 2008 is being watched and felt.The Indira Congress party has been winning "surprisingly" in both the Lok Sabha and Assembly polls,since this party became the "puppet" of the USA.In between some False Flag like Gladio have taken place.EVM misuse are strongly suspected.The Indian Church is,reportedly, a STRONG ally of the CIA,which is notorious to exploit everything,and that includes Religion also.CIA is also suspected to use Terror to is advantage and is suspected to be one of the MOST FEARED TERRORIST Organizations in the World.
Here are two instances where it has TWO OPPOSITE opinions.
First link.  pro-EVM
Second Link  Anti-EVM
  Why is CIA's view very important? Because it wants to influence Election results throughout the World in the USA's favour[by hook or crook,as can be expected of an espionage agency ].CIA's Fact Books are notorious,as it reveals its Global Interests.No other Espionage Agency seems to do this.
     Thus the Non-Indira Congress Parties will have to on their guard as regards this espionage agencies' capacity for dangerous  mischief and notoriety.
     False Flag assassinations,Minority Rapes.murders and harassment,religious fights etc are expected to be used to achieve the CIA's aims.Colour revolutions the rage of the Internet and use of Social Networking Media are also expected.
   US MNCs,Media  both Indian and WesternFoundations, etc are reported to be CIA fronts and they may also play a key part in favour of the Indira Congress party. The Information and Broadcasting Ministry is expected to MISUSE the Indian Media,to favour the Indira Congress party.
To be continued......

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