Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's happening To/In India Under The Indira Congress Party?

What's happening To/In India Under The Indira Congress Party?Well........efforts to:-
1.Make the Nation, a Dictatorship though it is already one under this party,so that Oligarchs  and the members of this party, can rule and be ABOVE the Law of the Land[India].The recent statements of Farooq Abdulllah and Mahathir emphasize the same.These two have been used by this party to "suggest" to the Indian Masses in a subtle manner,that Democracy is bad for the people and Dictatorship is good for the rulers!It is worth noting the Master of the Indira Congress party,the USA,is NOW a Police State,and has a big hand in this,as the policies in its favour [pro-US-MNCs] are NOT getting passed in the Indian Parliament.The Yale India program is a good example of USA's effort to buy of Indian Parliamentarians and her Democracy.
2.Make it lose its Sovereignty to usher in Globalization or the One World Totalitarian Government. MM Singh is a Globalist,member,Club Of Rome, and takes his orders from forces outside India,as he is strongly suspected to have been PLANTED by the IMF,the World Bank and the Rothschilds.
    So the aim is to thrust the agenda of the Globalists is on India.    
 What are the results?
        The people will be converted to Collectivist Zombies,in a generation,by starting with the Children NOW the Future Citizens of India,using Outcome Based Education.
        The Oligarchs and the Rulers will be ABOVE the Law Of The Land.
To be continued.....

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