Monday, December 5, 2011

Nationalisation = Sovereignty!

Nationalisation   =  Sovereignty!  
           This is why Globalists privatize!PPP,Divestment etc selling national assets to Private individuals, national and Foreign is a way of making a nation LOSE her Sovereignty.MM Singh is a member,Club Of Rome.He and Montek Singh Ahuliawalia are puppets of the World Bank,a "banksters'" body of Globalists,whose aim is One World Totalitarian Government  or the New World Order[NWO].
            One of the reasons Qadaffi and Indira Gandhi were killed by proxy[by you know who], was,both, nationalized many sectors like Banking,OMC etc.
           Globalists do not respect National Laws.And an Indian Minister supports the same saying that, criminal Oligarchs should not punished or Jailed as INVESTMENT WILL GET ADVERSELY  AFFECTED !
          Another says "too much" of Democracy is bad for India!He himself was elected by the Democratic process.Can there be a thing,like "too much of Democracy"?He wants "controlled Democracy".Can there be a controlled Democracy?
          An there is the mega-corruption of the Indira Congress party.
          These are all tactics at chipping away at the Indian Democratic republic by taking away FREEDOMs by things like,UID,SmartGrid,NatGrid[excuse,"War On terror"],"Green Initiative"[EVMs etc are for this.These can be misused for Stealing Elections].
To be continued......

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