Monday, December 5, 2011

The many tricks Of the Indira Congress Party and its Foreign Masters.

The many tricks Of the Indira Congress Party and its Foreign Masters  
       The Indira Congress party is cornered by its mega-corruption, and faces Assembly polls with very high stakes in UP.It may resort to anything to capture POWER in UP and at the Centre.
1.It divides the Nation on the basis of religion, with various reports like Sachar, Bannerjee and now Shah Commission.These incidents are similar to GLADIO.

2.Misuses he various Institutions.Can the Election Commission and EVMs also not be misused in a similar way?
        This is all the more dangerous as "R2P" can be used as an excuse by these False Flags.
Why is, this,then being resorted to:-
Because M M Singh is a Globalist,member,Club Of Rome.Among the many tricks the Globalists misuse,is the Minority Vs the Majority,as the latter will be MORE Nationalistic and will hence,offer a stronger resistance to the Globalists' aim of One World Totalitarian Government.The Indira Congress party is a "Minorities Dominated one".India is a Democratic Republic where the dictum,"Majority Rule,Minority Rights" applies.But for the last 7 years under the Indira Congress party,it is "Minority Rule Minority Rights"!
    MM Singh is suspected to be PLANTED by the Rothschilds, while the Italian Woman by the Opus Dei and the erstwhile USSR .
    Hence "outside" forces which control them  OPPOSE the Majority Hindus always.       
To be continued....

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