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The Globalists' and USA's way of getting "their" Policies Implemented in India Or "MM Singh,The Economic Hit-Man".

The USA and MM Singh use the method of CREATING a PROBLEM to attain the aim of having THEIR POLICIES IMPLEMENTED in India,BY OFFERING THE SAME AS "THE" SOLUTION!The Globalists practise this on the World level.It is worth noting in most of THE Indian cases MM Singh is,VERY STRONGLY SUSPECTED,to be involved in subjecting India to FRAUDS,as without his KNOWLEDGE these are NOT possible.And to imagine that he has been the PM of India for the last 7 years and has been in the Indian Political scene for at least,the last 20 years!!!One of the many examples is the 2 G spectrum scam,in which he was claiming no knowledge and was later PROVEN to have KNOWN "THESE" THINGS from at least 2006.
1.MM Singh in 1990s.Gold swap with Bank Of England and Union Bank of Switzerland.IMF and MM Singh CREATED the problem in India.The relevant portion from this link:-
"Enter Dr. Manmohan Singh: The Economic Origins for New Delhi’s Strategic Shift?

The Indian shift away from non-alignment and its strategic partnerships is deeply connected to the unseen regime change in New Delhi that was initiated with the restructuring of Indian economic policy. 1991 was a year of change for India. It was also the year that President George Bush Sr. declared that the “New World Order” was beginning to emerge and also the same year as the Gulf War and the collapse of the Soviet Union.
A common denominator between 1991 and India in the late-2000s is Dr. Manmohan Singh, the current head of the Indian government. Dr. Singh received his doctorate (PhD.) as an economist from Oxford University and also attended Cambridge University. He is a former ranking officer of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in India. His positions included Deputy for India on the IMF Committee of Twenty on International Monetary Reform (1972-1974), IMF Associate (1976-1980, 1982-1985), Alternative Governor for India on the IMF Board of Governors (1982-1985), and Governor for India on the Board of Governors of the IMF (1991-1995). Several of these positions coincided with appointments within the government and national cabinet of India. This also includes the position of Dr. Singh as the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (1982-1985).
Dr. Singh was one of the faces behind the restructuring of the Indian economy in 1991, in league with the IMF. He was appointed as the Indian Finance Minister in 1991 by Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao, a man accused with corruption, during a financial crisis that was brought about by IMF policies. India was nearly bankrupted during this period of reforms and state assets surrendered to domestic and foreign private investors. The economic policies of establishing a truly self-sufficiently Indian economy were abandoned and privatization became wide spread. Economic liberalization pushed aside the long-term goals of eliminating poverty in India and providing high standards of living. The Indian agricultural sector was also infected by foreign multi-national corporations through the so-called “Green Revolution.”
Before being appointed to the post of Indian Finance Minister, Dr. Singh was decisive in creating the financial crisis in India through coordination with the IMF. The policies of Dr. Singh by design also left India without enough reserves to meet its financial commitments. India was also deprived of the means to improve its economy by IMF policies The origins of these policies became obvious when Indian civil servants started complaining of sloppy, American-style, and non-British spelling, writing, and grammar in Indian government finance documents and papers. As a result Indian national assets and wealth were siphoned off and foreign control, including that of the Bank of England, of Indian finances began. 1996 spelled the death of the Rao Administration in India because of the backlash of economic liberalization and the unpopularity of the government.

With the economic shifts of 1991 began the road down the path to political shift. On May 22, 2004 the IMF’s man in New Delhi, Dr. Singh,  returned to office to became the Prime Minister of India. 

This time political reforms including turning India’s back on the Non-Alignment Movement (N.A.M.), Iran at the IAEA, and Russia’s aim to realize the Primakov Doctrine were on the table.

India and the Manufactured “Clash of Civilizations” in Eurasia

In many Indian circles the colonial bonds with London are still strong and there are views that New Delhi, or at least the Indian elites, are natural members of the Anglo-American establishment. There is also a taint of racial theory attached to these views with links to the caste system and the Indian elite’s Aryan self-concepts. Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” notion and Mackinder’s geo-strategic population model are factors behind these views too. Resource competition, demographics, and economic competition are seen as fuel that will inevitably draw India and China into a clash for supremacy in Asia.

Is it primarily because of geography, amongst other factors, that Indian Civilization (labeled as Hindu Civilization in regards to Huntington’s model) is said to have a conflicting relationship or affiliation with Chinese Civilization (labeled as Sinic Civilization by Huntington’s model) and Islamic Civilization? This theory is short-sighted; if true where are the centuries of fighting between Chinese and Indian civilization? For the most part both lived in peace. The same applied to Islamic Civilization.
New Delhi’s Trajectory: A Reversion to the British Raj?

Is India reverting to the status quo of the British Raj? India has moved beyond a policy of superalignment. India’s elites believe that to achieve their place in the sun they must buy into the socio-economic and political agenda of the so-called, “Core countries” — the global financial power holders of the Periphery. India’s commitment to the Non-Alignment Movement (N.A.M.) is also dead all but in name. The foreign policy course that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had charted for India has been abandoned.

Internally, for the last two decades India has been colonizing itself. Communities and ethnic groups have been played agains one another. These are both cases where local and foreign elites are working hand-in-hand. The ruling elites, with the aid of the Indian government, are appropriating all forms of resourses, rights, and property from countless people to fuel the so-called economic liberalization process with no regard for their fellow citizens. Water and national assets are being privatized and virtual slave labour is, once again, being institutionalized — everything that Mahatma Gandhi and his follower worked hard to eliminate. The free trade deals being struck by the U.S. and E.U. with India are a part of this process and have been integrating India into the global economic order.

Hand-in-hand with India being part of a global economic order goes the domination of Eurasia. India is on a serious path of militarization that will lead New Delhi towards conflict with China. In such a war both Asian giants would be losers and the U.S. and its allies the real winners. 

Due to their flexibility the Indian elite may still change course, but there is a clear motion to exploit and mobilize India in Eurasia against its neighbours and the major powers of Eurasia. This is the true meaning, intent, nature, and agenda behind the so-called “Clash of Civilizations” in Eurasia. The threat of a nuclear war between China and India is real in the words of the Indian military, but what is important to realize is that such a confrontation is part of a much larger series of wars or a wider struggle between the powers of Eurasia and the nations of the Periphery, led by the United States."
 India is suspected to have got Tungsten plated with Gold for its pure Gold,in the 1990s when M M Singh is involved.Why else would one take up the risky job of "transferring Gold to and fro" within a few days?47 MT with the Bank Of England and 20 with the Union Bank Of Switzerland.India at the losing side of a Diomedian Swap?
   It is worth noting that BoE is suspected to be involved in the LIBOR rate-fixing scandal.
  The Gold Tungsten Scam has been going on from the 1980s.[Tungsten and Gold have almost the SAME DENSITY]
     It is worth noting that,M M Singh,in the 1990s wanted Gold Bank[ to confiscate the Citizens' Gold and replace the 'FAKE' Gold,of course,on the diktat of the IMF and the World Bank?].
      As in 2013,the RBI,seems to want to revive this dangerous,ANTI-PEOPLE, scheme.
2.Divestment of  PSUs.Fiscal Deficit was kept deliberately high.Rothschilds who are suspected to have PLANTED MM Singh in the Indian banking and  Political scenes ARE the ADVISERS to the Indian Government on the Divestment of PSUs!A similar advice by them to Margaret Thatcher shattered the British Economy.Their aim in India also seems the same,as they ,are reported to have a penchant for bankrupting Nations and ruling them over.Thus  those who are suspected to have PLANTED MM Singh, ENJOY IMMUNITY in India by proxy.

        Privatization,PPP etc are equivalent to bankrupting the Nation,as the National Wealth,belonging to the people of the Republic Of India, is sold at a very cheap rate or shared with a FEW individuals. PPP makes Private players partners in the Government ushering Oligarchy,in the Democratic Republic Of India.Privatization and PPP,do away with CAG Audit also:-the Thieves can have a field day.
       At present India is  NOT,in so bad a position as to sell the Family Silver.Doing so,will leave the Nation bankrupt during emergencies,as the Reserve has been sold off cheaply at GOOD TIMES,when there was NO NEED to do so.
      As per TOI,the UPA, has given a tax incentive to the Oligarchs to the tune of Rs 4.6 Lakh Crores last year[2010/2011]
3.Indo-US Nuke deal.Crude price increased to $145 per barrel and the same was cited as one of the reasons for justifying the deal..
THIS link shows P.Chidambaram admitting the same,on 4/11/2013. An excerpt, from the link above:-
"However, for the 14 PSUs in the oil sector, including Oil & Natural Gas Corp, Indian Oil and GAIL India, the ministry has sought a 30 per cent dividend, official sources said.

The Finance Ministry believes dividend from CPSUs is a return on investment made by the government and it should be commensurate with profits."

Indian Oil Marketing PSUs are shown to run  on LOSS,and the same is cited as the excuse, though they are reported to give the UPA Govt good returns for Subsidy reduction for them and Petrol and Diesel, price deregulation.
  The UPA earns MORE than it spends on subsides!  
BUT Tax Incentive to the Oligarchs in 2010/11,ALONE,is Rs 4.6 Lakh Crores.  
    An excerpt from the, SECOND,, link above:-
"The next question is whether the government is actually running a deficit vis-a-vis the petroleum sector. A macroeconomic view of the petroleum sector gives us an exactly opposite picture. Surya P Sethi, former energy adviser to the Planning Commission, estimated the contribution of this sector through taxes to the central as well as the state governments and contrasted it with the total subsidies provided by the government.
Table 4 presents the data in this regard. He presents the data till 2008-09. To extend the data to 2010-11, a search at the same source as his remained futile since the Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell has removed both the historical as well as current data on this.
This table shows that in all the three years from 2006-07, the tax contribution of the petroleum sector is higher than the subsidies provided by the government, inclusive of the so-called under-recoveries. During 2010-2011 (data taken from Editorial, Peoples’ Democracy, July 3, 2011), the contribution to the central government exchequer from the petroleum sector is reportedly Rs 1,36,000 crore and to the state governments about Rs 80,000 crore. The subsidy provided by the government including the oil bonds issued on the public sector oil marketing companies during the same period is Rs 40,000 crore, i.e., 20 percent of petroleum sector’s contribution in taxes and duties.
Thus, the petroleum sector is not a drain on the Indian exchequer. Let us also address the issue of under-recoveries, which becomes a sore point for the government and the media. This figure is often quoted to show that the oil companies are incurring losses due to the governmental regulation. What do these under-recoveries mean? The difference between the cost price and the realised price represents the under-recoveries of the oil marketing companies (OMCs). The realised price is the post-tax price".
  What are under-recoveries?
A relevant excerpt from the link above:-
"Oil refining and marketing companies which are unable to pass through any increase in the price of crude oil thus suffer ’under-recovery’ of costs. Technically under recovery which is the difference between the price at the refinery gate (desired price) and the realised price. It has been argued that there is no ’under-recovery’ of costs as the price of diesel at the refinery gate is based on ’trade parity’ price which has a generous padding of notional costs such as ocean freight which are not actually incurred by the refinery in question. As shown in the column D of table 1 below, the desired retail price of diesel as on November 1, 2011 was Rs. 49.48/litre (including Excise, VAT & Dealer Commission) on the basis of current framework for assigning retail price of diesel. The column F shows the price of diesel based on indicative cost estimates for a refinery importing crude from abroad and also on good international benchmark refinery margins. The price based on indicative cost is about Rs. 47.71 /litre and is about Rs. 1.77 less than the price based on current pricing formula. The ’under recovery’ will be substantially less if it were defined as the difference between the refinery gate price (not import/trade parity) and realized price. When crude price is low or refinery margins are less or Indian rupee appreciates it is possible that there is a substantial ’over-recovery’. The argument that refining companies should price their products on the basis of cost is not valid on the basis of economic principles according to which the value of a scare resource is calculated on the basis of its replacement cost." 
          THIS is a superb LINK.

As per THIS Press information Bureau Release by the Ministry of Petroleum And natural Gases,,dated,2/8/2011, the following is the break up, as regards the price of Petrol:-

      Petrol price as on 01.08.2011
(Rs. per litre)
Price paid to refinery @ Trade Parity
Inland Freight
+ 0.65
Marketing Cost and Margin
+ 1.47
Excise Duty (including cess etc.)
Total price after Excise duty
= 52.29
Less: Under-recovery absorbed by OMCs
(-) 00.71
Price Charged to Customer - Depot Price
 = 51.58
Dealer Commission
+ 1.50
Value added Tax (Including VAT on dealer commission.) *
+ 10.62
Retail Selling Price * *
= 63.70
*    VAT as per Delhi.  It varies from 33 %  to 15 % from State to State
** Petrol Price is decontrolled with effect from 26th June, 2010. The price break up is as per IOC.                                

    As the OMCs have no competition,doing away with "Marketing Cost And margin" and "Dealer Commission",will save Rs 2.97/=,in addition to VAT on the latter [Rs0.50].Hence a total of Rs 3.47/= per Litre of petrol can be saved.....
     In addition,certain jugglery[amounting to BLATANT LIES,reportedly],are involved,in the [mis]-calculations of the "under-recoveries",by/of the OMCs!
       Ethanol Blending with petrol results in, at least, Rs 1410 Cores annual profits for the OMCs.
5% Ethanol Blending with petrol to  be made mandatory from December,2012.
5. Inflation kept high and Rupee weakened deliberately for ushering in FDI in retail.And the "excuse",in item 4 will raise Inflation at a very rapid pace.Two BIRDs with one stone for MM Singh and his Masters.
      Wal-Mart spends more than Rs 52 Crores in India for Lobbying in the last two years.Who gains?Is this NOT corruption?
6.Food Bill and Food shortage/NEED, will be created for ushering in the GMO for favouring US GMO Cos. New Zealand's Food Security Bill,the shape of things to come,if NOT countered.
The proposed Food Security Bill.
7.War On terror is used to make the Citizens voluntarily lose their freedoms.UID,Smartgrid,Natgrid.
The proposed ID Bill.
8.On the Global front Climate gate is used to usher in Carbon tax,Carbon Trading  Carbon currency etc.
9.The Green Initiative to make Paper less and electronic record.This way nobody will OWN TANGIBLES.
ATMs,Demat Accounts,EVMs,MERS,Financial Transaction via the NET, enable, Electronic and Digital theft by the Technically savvy who are either the Government itself or the technically powerful.
The proposed ESD Bill.
        Though an article on the Italian Financial Mess,thanks to the Globalist bankers,THIS may as well apply to India.

10.India,reportedly, bought 193 MT of Tungsten Bars plated with Gold from the IMF.The excuse being increasing India's Gold Reserve. India at the LOSING side of a Diomedian Swap,for the second time?
The GOLD with the RBI,[EACH SAMPLE], has to be assayed for PURITY and AUDITED for Quantity.

To be continued.....

Grievance To The President Of India
Your Excellency madam President,
     I had sent a grievance to Your Excellency, in 2009 and the situation in India now,is EXACTLY as
mentioned there in.
     Today the whole nation is tired of M M Singh's CREATION of PROBLEMS and coming out with
"SOLUTIONS",which are nothing but anti-National policies. The Deus ex machina.
     In the following link,I have mentioned some similar instances of great importance to India and
her people.These are very serious,and if not STOPPED may see India LOSE her Sovereignty.Just as I
had requested Your Excellency, to save the nation in 2009,I once again beseech Your Excellency, to
do the same,as ONLY YOU CAN SAVE INDIA NOW,by preventing the mischief,which has gone too far,for attaining certain anti-India objectives.
Yours truly,

Your Request/Grievance is Registered Successfully!!
Your Request/Grievance Registration Number is : PRSEC/E/2011/

Note: Kindly note your Request Registration Number for further references


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  1. There is absolutely no use sending petitions to the President Pratibha Patil,as she herself is a rubber stamp.She was deliberately placed in the highest position sothat MMs and SG can sell our country to other nations.