Thursday, December 1, 2011

The "Minimum" Anti-India Policy The USA wants From MM Singh.

The USA and MM Singh have started their anti-India Publicity stunt.
1.Denigrate India's Democracy
2.Praise Criminal Oligarchs.Salman Khurshid says Oligarchs should NOT be Jailed and punished for their CRIMES as the so-called "Investment would get 'adversely' affected"!He supports Corporate Lobbying in the corridors of the Government.
The "Minimum" Anti-India Policy The USA wants From MM Singh and the UPA.

        India should be a SLAVE of the USA.The following are the details and explanations.The Globalist,who form the CFR which rules the USA,want to make India LOSE her Sovereignty,to move a step closer to their MAIN AIM of, One World Totalitarian Government or the New World Order[NWO].
1. Weaponry Purchase From ONLY the USA. Actually,ALL Indian Business offers should go to the USA,as per its wish.
       The recent bullying of the UPA by the USA is very interesting.India rejected the US Planes for the IAF,due to inferior performance.Immediately the US Ambassador to India Timothy Roemer resigned.And the UPA purchased some items [Transport Planes] worth more than $4  Billion,"just to mollify" the USA!
2. Commercial Airliners.
3. The US GMO Cos like, Monsanto should be allowed to usurp India's Food and control it with IPRs on them.[Note US MNCs ARE the US Government,CIA etc].The notorious quote of Henry Kissinger,is in order:-"Control Oil and you control; nations; control Food and you control people".The US investment Banks routinely recommend Real Estate and Industrialization on Fertile lands to create Food Shortage.Derivatives are also misused/manipulated by them for the same purpose[high food prices].
4.Pharma acquisitions and vaccines from the US Cos ONLY.
5.Allowing "For profit" US Educational institutions.using "Outcome based education",NOT to teach but to modify the behaviour of the students,the Future Citizens of India,by converting them to Collectivist Zombies,even using medication,from psychiatrists without any need.
6.Allow the many US Foundations to work in India under guise of "Charity" for influencing Government decisions in States and at the Centre,in its favour.USAIDS etc are reported to be doing this and espionage.
7.Allow the US investment and other banks loot India by permitting entry into Insurance, Pension Funds, Municipality Bonds[misusing Derivatives to bankrupt the Munis] etc,Already in the Stock markets the Investment bankers are making a consistent 100 to 200 % profit annually from the beginning of the 1990s.
8.The USA and its Globalist bankers want to overpower India with HUGE Debt by setting the "usual" traps misusing the IMF and the World bank,"in Infrastructure".
9.100% FDI in ALL sectors in India.
         The general feeling in India,is that the USA wants to be "East India Company"-clone,which usurped power in India and looted her wealth,by "misusing" tricks,like the one in  the Indo-US Nuclear Deal" on the nation to pass pro-US-[MNCs] and anti-India Bills and Policies like the FDI,GMO to favour US GMO Cos etc.
          The PRIMACY of the US Dollar at the cost of a strong Rupee. The ESF is the CIA of Finance.
To be continued.....

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