Friday, November 25, 2011

MM Singh:-A Very Great Threat To A Sovereign,Secular,Wealthy And Just India

MM Singh:-A Very Great Threat To A Sovereign,Secular,Wealthy,Democratic And Just India.Let us take each of these one by one.
Threat to India's Sovereignty:-
i.He is suspected to be PLANTED by the Rothschilds,the IMF and the World Bank,[IMF and World Bank being reportedly controlled by the Rothschilds].This trick has been repeated by the Globalist International bankers,in Greece, Libya and Italy,in 2011,flouting all Democratic norms,as all the FOUR NOT AT ALL ELECTED by the people of their nations,but PLANTED by outsiders! Lucas Papademos,the Greek PM is a Trilateral Commission member,while Mario Monti is a Bilderberger.Abdurrahim El Kieb of Libya is  Western-educated  or has taught in the West or has done, both, like M M Singh.
ii.He is a member,Club Of Rome,a Globalist body,which works in coordination with Bilderberg,Trilateral Commission,The CFR,the UN, Skull And Bones etc.
iii.Those mentioned in items [i] and [ii],want to form a One World Totalitarian Government,by making nations LOSE their Sovereignty,and MM Singh was recommending EXACTLY this.
iv.Indira Congress party and MM Singh insult the Indian Parliament by taking decisions under USA's pressure,as the USA likes secrecy in all its dealing and likes to insult the National Leaders,in this case,the Indian ones,without consulting the august body.The US Ambassadors generally,show contempt for the Indian Parliament,by coming out with their "opinions",on many sensitive matters that are important to the USA but bad for India.The Indo-US Nuclear Deal and FDI in retail are but two among the many instances.
   Certain privileges,make the PM of India above LAW,and this is being exploited by THOSE who have PLANTED him [MM Singh],to Dictatorially impose their policies,on the Indian Democratic Republic. All the policies of MM Singh have been diktats of his Masters and he is implementing them with impunity with no respect for India's Parliament,Constitution and her Democratic Republic,It is all the more stunning as he is NOT ELECTED!In Italy,Greece and Libya,MM Singh-clones have been installed,in 2011:-ALL NOT ELECTED,but chosen by those mentioned above[who have PLANTED MM Singh also in India].The Democratic Traditions of all the FOUR nations have been trampled upon mercilessly.
Threat To India's Secularism, especially, to the Majority Hindus:-
   MM Singh,as mentioned,is a Globalist,who acts against Nation States to usher in One World Totalitarian Government,which is likely to meet very strong Opposition from the majority of any nation,who will be Nationalists.Thus the Globalists will try to weaken the Majority of a nation to achieve their EVIL aim of One World Totalitarian Government,by SUPPORTING and playing the Minorities against the Majority.This is exactly,what MM Singh is doing,one of which is his Communal,anti-Hindu,anti-national and arrogant,assertion on the 9th December,2006.
Threat to a Wealthy India:-
  Exploiting the immunity and certain privileges a PM of India enjoys M M Singh:-
i.Is allowing mega-Corruption to flourish resulting in the looting of India's National Wealth by a few individuals.He himself may also be corrupt,as he had to borrow Rs 2 Lakhs,from Kushwant Singh,as per the latter's memoir,[in which the latter was emphasizing that MM Singh's INTEGRITY,DUE TO LACK OF MONEY, is unquestionable ] to contest Lok Sabha Elections from Delhi in the 1990s,but is now worth more than Rs 5 Crores,as per his own admission,in announcing the Wealth he possesses NOW.How is it, that he earned Rs 5 crores in the LAST,13 years of his life of 78 years?
iiAll of M M Singh's policies like FTAs,FDIs,SAFTA,opening up of borders among the SAARC nations,encouraging share markets and hence Speculation,Privatizations,PPPs,Divestment of India's PSUs,the so called "Liberalization" or "reforms"[a sugar-coated word for ANTI-India and pro-Oligarch policies],will ONLY make ordinary Indians poorer by the day.MM Singh is strongly suspected to be following the diktats of his masters,the Rothschilds,the IMF and the World Bank who are reported to have a penchant for bankrupting nations,making them LOSE their Sovereignty,taking control of and ruling them over.
Threat to India's Democracy and a JUST India:-
  The points mentioned above prove that MM Singh is against a JUST and Democratic India,as he occupies the post of the PM UN-DEMOCRATICALY and uses Dictatorship,as shown by:-
i.His dislike for constructive criticism:-
      He will blame the Media for many of his mis-Governance, mistakes in Foreign policy etc.For example,asked about the way China was humiliating India by repeatedly infiltrating into India and leaving indications of their presence,on Indian soil,he would claim that the two present Chinese leaders are "his friends!"Not only this is idiotic but making monkeys of Indians also.This type of handling situations shows                                                          lack of patriotism,but what else is expected of a Globalist?
    He will also blame others like the Media,the Opposition for his and his party's mistakes,corruptions etc.
MM Singh seems to have[and his masters HAVE] utter  contempt for India's Parliament and Constitution.
ii.His unending LIES:-
   Under the pressure of the USA,MM Singh went for the so called "Indo-US nuclear Deal", holding the whole Nation to contempt as almost the whole of India, was against the same.He was also bluffing a lot and continues to do so to this day,especially in the 2 G spectrum scam,in which he is clearly GUILTY of misusing the executive powers vested in him,by hiding FACTS from the nation at large.......This does NOT augur well for India as he,a PERSON NOT EVEN ELECTED DEMOCRATICALLY,[he has lost the only Lok Sabha election he contested in the 1990s,from Delhi] misuses the Nation' TRUST,by acting against her interests.
To be continued.......

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