Sunday, November 6, 2011

Some Facts About Maoists Of India Or The Naxalites

Maoists Of India Or The Naxalites,have become a thorn in the flesh of many State and the Central Governments.
The recent reconciliation of the Maoists in Nepal with that nation's Government is a very big threat to India.More so,as they are trying to get entrenched in India's North East where the Church has a very big influence and is strongly supporting them and their violence.The Vatican[so interested in Conversion in India,especially the tribals]Indian Church, many Evangelists from Foreign nations and many Social Workers,writers,pseudo-Intellectuals etc support the Maoists and their violence.
The Maoists have PROBABLY,been used,at least for one False Flag operation by the Indira Congress party,[which is friendly with the Indian and Foreign Churches], to create Communal Violence in getting an aged  Hindu Religious leader assassinated,in 2008.The Maoists have been on friendly terms with the Trinamul Congress party,which is in coalition in UPA II,which has the support of the USA,which means the CIA!!

It is worth noting that the USA increased the Staff [read CIA]in its Indian Embassies,in 2005,after Mm Singh and Bush signed some "secret" deals.This proved a boon to this party in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections as the Hindus in general and the BJP and RSS in particular were "branded" as anti-Minority,by the pseudo-secularists,USA and its cronies,Globalists,Christian Fundamentalists and Muslims.This is a clear Gladio-Clone.

The Indira Congress party is suspected to have repeated the same formula in Lakhisarai, Bihar before the Assembly Elections,in 2010, with the abduction of some Cops by the Maoists,resulting in  the death of one...
To be continued...... 

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