Friday, November 4, 2011

Western Awards To Have lackeys.

       Most nations would like to have Lobbyists in their favour in other nations.Globalists have usurped power in almost all Western nations.Hence the Globalists use the following techniques to have lackeys to be used at a suitable time in the future.
      Globalists aim to form  One World Totalitarian Government by bankrupting Sovereign nations,gaining control of and ruling over them.Greece and others among the PIIGS have been targeted for the present.All the nations of the World are targets except perhaps one.It is easy to guess which nation it is.
       Most pseudo-intellectuals and Oligarchs are bought in this way. Regularly there will be articles,interviews etc in the Media, to provide Publicity for them.The pseudo-Intellectuals[whose numbers are in Lakhs] and the like are used by the Foreigners to work against their own nations.The Oligarchs will be members of the World Economic Forum,Bilderberg,Trilateral Commission,Club Of Rome etc.MM Singh is a member,Club Of Rome.
Others who are members of various Globalist bodies are:-
Sunil Bharati Mittal:-
Business Partner of the Rothschilds
Trilateral Commission member
Is a, suspected, Rockefeller Carnegie clone to usurp the power of the Indian Government using Charity and Education.
Narayanamurthy of Infosys:-
Trilateral Commission Asia Pacific
Ratan Tata:-
Harvard connection,by donation when the University went bankrupt recently due to faulty investment in Derivatives.And to think that Harvard teaches "Business" in its School!Harvard is a reported CIA front.Is reported to have connections with Bilderberg.
Mukesh Ambani:-
World Economic Forum.In Board of Bank Of America which is involved in many Law suits,notably in the Foreclosure area,by the US Citizens.
Anil Ambani:-
Reportedly educated in Harvard,a reported CIA front.Suspected to have played a great part in making the Samajvadi Party support the UPA I and thus the USA,in the No Confidence Motion against the Coalition due to the notorious and unpopular "Indo-US Nuclear Deal".
Azim Pem Ji:- A suspected Rockefeller and Carnegie clone trying to usurp the power of the Government Of India through Charity and Education.Member,World Economic Forum.
   The choice of this person due to his Religion by the Globalists is noteworthy,in combination with the Fulbright Nehru Program and the Sachar Report.
Nadar Of HCL[IT]:-
  Same format as Sunil Bhrati Mittal and Azim Prem Ji.
Amartya Sen
Romila Thapar
Teesta Setalvad [NGO]
       This is used with the future in mind: revolutions,espionage,False Flag claims etc. Libya is a case in point.An MM Singh-clone is the new PM of Libya!
3.Non Residential Status :-
        This is used to drum up support.This was in ample evidence, during the Indo-US Nuclear Deal,when hoards of NRIs descended on India in support of the USA,when the deal was facing trouble.
        It is also used for espionage.
To be continued....

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