Saturday, November 19, 2011

Greece,Italy,Libya 2011 = India 1990s.Globalists make a Mockery Of Democracy!

Greece,Italy,Libya 2011 = India 1990s.The similarities are uncanny.All the Leaders are PLANTED by the Globalists[International bankers] and are Globalists.
MM Singh,India, member, Club Of Rome
Lucas Papdemos,member,Trilateral Commission and a MM Singh-clone
Mario Monti,Italy,Bilderberger and Trilateral ,a MM Singh-clone.
 Abdurrahim El-Keib Libya a MM Singh-clone.
 The similarities among the four are striking.The African and the Indian are "western-educated" or have taught in the West or both and NOT ELECTED.Monti and Papademos are also NOT ELECTED and are Globalists like MM Singh.
  The Globalists are usurping power in Sovereign nations and this is a very dangerous trend using the formula:-"Create a problem and 'solve' it by appointing a their lackey of the Globalists as THE  leader".Deus ex machina at work...Three were bankers.
   This is making a mockery of the so-called "Democracy" and exploiting the same to usurp power and rule over nations.
   MM Singh's policies are anti-India,anti-poor and anti-Hindu, and seem to be the diktats of his THREE Masters.
To be continued....

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