Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The UN,Population,Food Shortage......

     The refrain of the UN regarding population,Food Shortage ,MDG etc are mala fide,as the UN and the League Of Nations were founded for forming One World Totalitarian Government.
     What's wrong with the UN?It is US[+UK+France].
     In the case of League Of Nations  and Council On Foreign Relations Edaward Mandel House,a Marxist,took the initiative.
     The following are  Globalist bodies intent on forming the One World Totalitarian Government.
1.Council On Foreign Relations
3.Trilateral Commission
4.Skull And Bones
5.Club Of Rome[MM Singh and Gorbachev members.Considering what Gorbachev did to the erstwhile USSR and is doing to  the present day Russia,one should fear for India and her Sovereignty under MM Singh also.Already MM Singh's policies have put the POOR,Middle Class and Fixed-Income Groups of India in great financial misery as they are unable to make both ends meet due to HIGH Inflation and low value of the Rupee.
6. Committee Of 300
7.Aspen Institute
8.Chatham House
9.The Businessroundtable
10.UN and its carious bodies.
  The following people are reported to be Globalists whose aim is One World Totalitarian Government.
1.The Rothschilds
2.The Rockefellers
3. Henry Kissinger and other Bilderbergers and these are many like Hillary Clinton,Tony Blair etc.
     Ratan Tata is said t have relations with Bilderberg and is a strong Globalist as he is favoured in many alliances like the most recent one,Tata Coffee-Starbucks.
     Sunil Bharati Mittal,member Trilateral Commission,Asia-Pacific,is having connections with the Rothschild,the Carnegie Foundation,and like the latter and the Rockefeller,seems to be using the "Charity in Education"-route,to usurp power on behalf o the Globalist Oligarchs.
      Azim Prem Ji is a Rockefeller-Carnegie-Clone using their method of Charity in Education to usurp Power of the Indian Government.
      Nilekani Of the Aadhar is having connections with the Yale University,which is a reported front of the CIA and home to the dreaded Skull And Bones.
      Chidambaram and Kapil  Sibal are from the Harvard University,which is a reported front of the CIA.
In addition many are from the IMF and the World bank[Montek Singh Ahuliwalia,Pulok Chatterji,Secretary to the PMO].
   Narayanamurthy,formerly, of Infosys,is a member, Trilateral Commission,Asia-Pacific.
      Thus the Globalists have infiltrated India's Administration....
      The Globalist Bodies like the UN pretend to do good but actually try things with a view to ushering in One World Totalitarian government,by usurping power of nations and making them,lose Sovereignty.General the Head of the UN is a person "chosen" by the USA[and to a lesser extent UK and France].
       The failure of the UN in Iraq and Libya has made it a body of the three mentioned above,The trick used in Iraq and Libya is being repeated in Syria  and Iran,now,but Russia and China and to a lesser extent many other nations are opposing this.
       Thus the so called MDG of the UN is nothing but Agenda 21.
The WHO has been reported to have indulged in DEPOPULATION in the Third World including India.
        And, the UN's  rantings on HIGH Population,Food and water shortages etc, are mere LIES, pretending to do good for the World at large,but actually usurping Power for the formation of One World Totalitarian Government.
To be continued.......