Friday, February 17, 2012

NCTC Is For Converting India Into A Police State.

NCTC Is For Converting India Into A Police State.NCTC is on the line  of the DHS of the USA for ushering in the One World Totalitarian Government and which  has converted the USA into a Police State with Surveillance,Harassment and what not.Janet Napolitano[of DHS] and Leon  Paneta have been meeting Chidamabram who is from Harvard, a reported CIA front.India under the Indira Congress party is becoming a Police State and NCTC is but anther tool for ushering in  One Word Totalitarian Government of the Globalists of which MM Singh is one,being member,Club Of Rome.
    It is to be remembered,that Pakistan is the MAIN terror threat to India,but relations with it are mended,at the cost of the one with Iran,under US pressure.
   Both DHS and NCTC are certain things in common:-
1.Both blame the Majority of the nation[Christians in the USA and the Hindus in India],as either "home-grown" or "Saffron" terrorists.
2.Use Surveillance
3.Misuse of the so-called,'War On terror' with False Flags, is a sham.CIA is reported to be the most dangerous Terrorist along with Mossad and MI6,as they reportedly use "WAR OF TERROR".
                   Now the RBI proposes Financial Inclusion[with simply having a bank account?!],for Surveillance.
To be continued......

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