Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Italian Woman Is back "at" Work!!!

        The Italian Woman is back at work,reportedly after undergoing a "surgery" in the USA where she stayed, well over a month,as on 15/9/2011.It is to be noted that she was NOT in India on 15/8/2011,the Independence Day of India.Certainly,a message is being conveyed here.
        What's the significance of this "secret" visit and extended stay?
1.She and her Family, are the rulers of India and the Indira Congress party now.
She was instrumental in getting the so-called "Indo-US Nuclear Deal" through.
For such a person to stay in "secret" in a Foreign Nation is very dangerous for India.
2.India is the puppet of the USA under the Indira Congress party.
3.No sooner she returned from the USA than the proposed Communal Violence Bill,the brainchild of "her" NAC, was discussed in and met with strong Opposition,as it will enable the Government at the Centre to be all powerful,destroying the Federal Structure of the Nation.
4.She and her son were in Switzerland at about the same time the Secret Annual Meeting of the Bilderberg,was on.This evil Elite body seems to have contacted her.Right from that time,[June,2011],the Indira congress party members are shouting from roof tops that Amul Baby should be the PM of India.
5.She avoided the sensitive and uncomfortable Monsoon Session of the Indian Parliament,2011.MM Singh also uses this trick,and usually "runs away" at the prospect of facing an angry Parliament.

To be continued........

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