Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Foreign Powers" Jealous Of India under Vajpayee?

Were Foreign Powers jealous of India's Nationalism and hence,were, against the BJP?This assumption,may not be wrong knowing that Bilderberg,is against Nationalism!What can be the MAIN reason?
THE INDIAN ECONOMY WAS VERY STRONG UNDER THE BJP IN 2003/4! India had a Current Account Surplus!The Globalist International Bankers do not like Loans to be returned.They consider this as HUBRIS!They want nations to be in perpetual debt[to bankrupt them],,which M M Singh,their puppet is striving for.

Gujarat was peaceful,when Godhra occurred.
A year before 2009 Lok Sabha Elections Kandhamal occurred
Gujjar Agitation occurred in Rajasathan just before the assembly Elections in 2008.
     Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee,a very popular Nationalist leader,became sick.He had attended many Luncheons hosted in his favour.Could he have been poisoned.Going by THIS,it is possible.CIA favours the current UPA Government.Six Latin American Leaders,who were opposed to the USA,had Cancer.
To be continued....

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