Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Indira Congress Party Works for the primacy Of the US Dollar.

  Pranab Mukherjee reduced import of Gold by 32% from 16th March to 25/5/2012.The import embargo continues,by way of higher custom duty .Gold price decreased from $ 1658[16/3/2012] to 1570/Oz,as on 25/5/2012.A corresponding fall in India's Rupee is from,about, 52 to 55 V the US Dollar.India buys her Crude Oil[whose import, surprisingly or not,has been kept constant without any reduction.A Conspiracy in petroleum products in India?],by paying in US Dollars.Both the above moves by Pranab Mukherjee strengthens the US Dollar against the Indian Rupee.FIIS running away[ another weakening of the Rupee.Conspiracy for FDI in retail etc],from Indian Stock markets has also contributed to the weakening of the Rupee.
    It may be recalled that Pranab Mukherjee was grilled in the USA about Diesel price Decontrol,the so-called "reforms"[FDI in retail] etc.Now, why does the USA grill an Indian Finance minister about India's polices?This means the Indira congress party is a puppet of the USA and perhaps,Bilderberg,too.
    Even though there is a tremendous Opposition to the petrol price hike of 23/5/2012,cunningly thrust upon Indians by the Indira Congress party and the many anti-India polices,sugar-coated,as 'reforms',Pranab Mukherjee,Anand Shrama,India's commerce Minister[NOT ELECTED to the Lok Sabha] always claim that,these above-mentioned polices will be implemented by Consensus.
    Thus the weakening of the Rupee,the degrading of India's Sovereign Debt,the keeping of Crude prices very HIGH by speculation,India continuing to IMPORT Crude,whatever the price,[whereas Gold import was discouraged],etc are seen as a conspiracy a la M M Singh's 1991 trick[deja vu!],to usher in anti-India and pro-MNC, polices.

To be continued......

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