Thursday, August 2, 2012

Letter To The President Of India,dated,2/8/2012

Your Excellency,Honourable president,
                                     Congratulations in becoming the 13th President of India.It shows how popular you are.May you achieve more and more successes on your on your personal behalf and on the country's, too.Crores of Pranams to Your Excellency.  
                                     My grievances,are in the following areas:-
1.The pricing of petroleum products by the OMCs
     Please use the following links:-
    This repeats,the grievance, in the letter I had written to the 12th president Of India.

2.The "concessions" to the private players,in PPP-based Infrastructure.
                      While there is a hue and cry,regarding subsidies to the POOR,the above is nothing but SUBSIDY to the rich,Indian and Foreign.This is also MASSIVE TRANSFER of tax-payers' money to the two mentioned above.In this context,the STIMULI,started in 2008 and,still,reported to be continuing, also constitutes,TRANSFER of WEALTH from the Citizens to the two mentioned above.The stimuli have resulted in MASSIVE erosion of the "wealth" of the Indians,from 2008.
     If this huge amount is used, for starting profitable PSUs,employment will also increase.
     Items 1 and 2 are causes for the very HUGE Fiscal Deficit from,2009.Further concessions will increase the already high Fiscal Deficits.
      I hope Your Excellency will help the POOR,Middle Class and the Fixed-Income groups,who are finding it more and more difficult,to make both ends meet.And also the Nation,as regards the Fiscal deficits.
      Thanking Your Excellency,
Yours truly,
Your Request/Grievance is Registered Successfully!!
Your Request/Grievance Registration Number is : PRSEC/E/2012/

Note: Kindly note your Request Registration Number for further references

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