Thursday, December 27, 2012

India A Dictatorship From 2004!

  India is a DICTATORSHIP,from 2004,though the Indira Congress party is a Minority and is in Coalition.The following are alarming by the DICTATORIAL way they were achieved.Some Regional parties were blackmailed and [possibly BRIBED, into submission.:-
1.The Indo-US Nuclear Deal
2.FDI in Multi-brand Retail.
   Under-recoveries,being misused by the OMCs is a LIE and it is being continued.This is a 2 G Spectrum Scam on an ANNUAL BASIS from 2005,instead of being a one-off affair,as the original Telecom Sector Scam.
    The disregard for SEBI, regarding the Share-Holding pattern of LIC, by this Coalition is another instance,M M Singh is slowly becoming a DICTATOR!......
To be continued......

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