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Free Trade Agreements and Industrial Policy in changing global scenario

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce sought public suggestions on issues related with free trade agreements and industrial policy in changing global scenario.

Those desirous of submitting their views and suggestions to the Committee may send their written memoranda (either in English or Hindi) on the above subject to Shri J. Sundriyal, Director, Rajya Sabha Secretariat, 201, Second Floor, Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi-110001 (Tel.: 23034541) or e-mail at within thirty days from January 3, 2012. Those willing to give oral evidence before the Committee, besides sending Memoranda are requested to indicate so. However, the decision of the Committee in this regard shall be final.

I am  preparing the essay.hence the article is a ROUGH COPY and  so far incomplete
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     The FTA with Thialand is delayed and may be sigbned by the midlle of this year.
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Benefits NONE and disadvantages [LOSS OF SOVEREIGNTY,ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT,ABOVE NATIONAL Laws and hence,the aim is COMPLETE DEREGLATION,Trans-Pacific Partnership?,Destrctiom of Local Businesses,in this case,Indian ones]
DEREGLATION example The Repeal of The Glass-Steagall Act By Clinton .
      FTA is also Globalization.That is the populace pay International prices but get LOCAL pays and perks.
      A person in the West may be paid in a better Currency,a better amount and have a better standard of living.So the above becomes CRUEL an ABSURD!

Suggestions may also focus on matters like "ways and means to promote domestic agriculture as well as strengthen local industries through FTAs; role of FTAs in flow of investments and capacity creation". Views on extent of sensitivity observed towards climate and environment in FTAs, flaws/discrepancies if any, prevailing in the present architecture of FTA and remedies have also been invited.
The committee, headed by Rajya Sabha MP Shanta Kumar has also taken up another subject - 'Industrial Policy in the Changing Global Scenario'. The comments may focus on issues like threats and opportunities before the current Industrial Policy in the face of changing global scenario; efficacy of the Policy in infusing competitiveness to enable India become a global trading power.
Besides, they may include views on structural reforms desired in present industrial policy especially in view of its role in creation of investment friendly atmosphere and gainful employment; quality of infrastructure and financial services required and its fine tuning with the Industrial policy, it said. Views can be sent either in English or Hindi on the subjects within 30 days from January 3, the release said
website of Shri Shanta kmar

send to 
By 2nd February 2013


Current Industrial Policy Of India
      Indians seem to have inferiority complex or it is deliberately imbibed,to perceive OUR ideas are worthless and Western ones as THE ONLY CORRECT ONES.
      Free Trade Agreements REMOVE BARRIERS,which are REGULATIONS, meant to protect THE NATIONAL INTERESTS.On this cxount alone,FTAs are dangerous.
      [A group of countries that invoke little or no price control in the form of tariffs or quotas between each other.]..
      After the Global Financial Crisis n 2008,,even the USA started taking protectionist measures. FTA will make this impossible.Global players,who are Financially stronger[than Indians], can create crisis after crisis and usurp power and destroy nations.
     Already,after the 2008 Global financial crisis,India see,ms to be ruled over by
"some foreign forces" .There seems to a lot of SECRECY,resorted to,by the M M Singh Government,regarding many things.

      FTA will have no positive influence on India's Agriculture.But there is CONSPIRACY to usher in,US GMO Cos misusing the Food Security Bill,just like in the,so-called, Ind-US Nuke Deal and FDI in multibrand retail. 
      There is also a Conspiracy to shatter Domestic Agriculture and PSus by M M Singh and his ÏMF and World Bank-puppet,"subordinates",
       Coming to the Industrial Policy,the National manufacturing Policy of 2011,and the  proposed,NMIZs,try to achieve mainly the following which are extremely dangerous for India.
1.Complete deregulation,first in Industry for the Oligarchs and finally the Bankers etc.This will be similar to the Glass-Steagall Act by Clinton,which resulted in the bankers wrecking the Global Economy in 2008 with their UNREGULATED and HIGHLY LEVERAGED Derivatives.
2.Please google for Prans-pacific partnership,which is an extension of PPP,for the Oligarchs to gain complete control over sovereign Governments,making the latter answerable to the latter and compensate them,for,literally, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.
3.DEREGULATION is like doing away with the police,Military and the Justice System.What would happen in sch a case?
i)Criminals will rule the roost.The Nation will be CRIME-RIDDEN.
ii)The Nation wll be invaded
iii)Oit laws will rule the Nation.
1.FTA is for usheg One World Totalitarian Government,by mag Nations LOSE Sovereignty.
FTA means the TRADE is FREE of National laws.That is these TRADES cannot be taken to an Indian Court Of Law.
2.FTA`s wil shatter local Buesses.The same as FDI.
As regards the Industrial policy,attempts are bg made by the Globalists,like M M gh[member,club Of Rome], to COMPLETELY DEREGULATE,India Law,Manufacturing,Bankig etc,That is these THREE and many others, should be ABOVE laws.This s not CORRUPTION and crimes will soar..
PPP[Public Private partnership,is an example of this.This is above CAG and CVC,as of now.Via PPP the nation can be looted.The proposed huge expendituresfra Space are to be based on PPP.
PPPs have to be abolished with the Govt holg at least 51% shares so that CAG and CVC will be able to Audit and monitor,these entities. 
In this context it is worth , mentiog that the proposed National Manufactug Policy with its NMIZs s for DEREGULATION.That is mag the oligarchs above Indian Laws.
Hence NMIZ should NOT be allowed.
DEREGULATION should also be NOT allowed.
Deregulation s lake dg away with the Police,Military and the Courts.What will happen?there will be crimes and the Nation will bevaded. 

I reserve the rest to be sent to the Parliamentary panel.
It is worth nog that M M gh is shog FAVOURITISM to the Rotrhschilds[Shell India with the New LNG Policy][ and the Wall Street bankers, Divestment of many PSUs.
Wall Street Bankers are better kept at a distance,Unfortunately M M gh and Che`tambaram are their puppets.India is danger under M M gh,member,Club Of Rome. Please google for:-
1.Club Of 300
2.Club Of Rome.
"Divided the World into 10 Grops or Regions.The main aims of this Globalist Body,are, reported to be:-
i)Shattering Nations Economically
iii)Come out with UNTRUE notions like Peak Oil,Climate Change etc
   Founded by Rockefeller.
Visit this site:-
To be continued........

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