Friday, March 8, 2013

Chidambaram Exposed!

  Chidambaram,made some statements,regarding Stock Markets and the investors losing due to certain malpractices by some Cos, as per THIS link.He was claiming that Stock Markets are legitimate Businesses and SEBI is a private entities.
     He was answering in the Lok Sabha during the question Hour,on 8//3/2013.
     Thus Chidambaram, admits that Stock Markets are Casinos.
      But he is encouraging the Indian Citizens,to "channel' their SAVINGS into this casino. 
      The following Scheme is implemented by the UPA with Chidambaram's active role.
   From the 1990s both he and M M Singh had to answer Stock Market scams like,UTI Scam,Harshad Mehta scam etc.  
  Will be updated.......

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