Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Some Of The Things Needed For a secure and Sovereign India

The following is in reply to the PM's query before Budget.
Some of the following are general,but important for India and some pertain to Budget.
1.Tax Foundations,trusts and Schools which make profits but evade tax citing Charity
2.Remove Capital control on Gold,Silver and Cash.Unlimited cash withdrawals from banks,to be brought back.
3.Please do not make Aadhaar or Digital transactions compulsory.
4.Stop/cancel the Gold Monetization and Bond schemes.This will make the Rupee weaker as the US Dollar will become stronger by these schemes.
THIS IS THE MOST DANGEROUS POLICY THAT WILL HELP FOREIGNERS LOOT INDIA.STOP SWAP of Gold by the RBI and other Indian Banks,commercial ones included,with other\Foreign  Central and Commercial Banks.
5.There should not be any TOO BIG TO FAIL BANK or Company.RBI has made SBI and ICICI Banks Too Big To Fail.Make them liable to fail.Let them fail if they have to for various reasons.
6.Keep the Rupee stronger at 35 to the US Dollar.Otherwise the Loans taken from the World Bank will prove too costly,among many other things like the loss of wealth of Citizens,etc
7.Farmers have to be encouraged for a flourishing Agricultural Sector.This sector is the back bone of India.Do not industrialize too much using Farm Land.
  So water also becomes important.
8. Price rise of essential items from 2008 have to stopped.Cost of living is high,but Inflation figures are suspected to be fake.
9.Do not allow Foreign Foundations and NGOs to work in India.
10.Vaccination for Polio,Gardasil etc have to be stopped. Vaccination is suspected to be for Depopulation,profit of big Pharma and increasing sickness for the sake of Big Pharma.
11.Stop GMO in all areas.India's Food and seeds will be controlled by these GMO Cos.
12..Open Toilet usage, to be stopped,completely.
14.Do not convert Post Offices into Banks.
15.Do not sell India to the MNCs.
16.New Companies and all PSUs should have Captive Power Plants.
17, Stop Smart Cities.
These will create rich poor "apartheid' apart from 24x7x365 Surveillance.
18.Cancel GIFT and other copycats of the City Of London.These will make India's Financial systems more fraudulent.
19.No UNSECURED Loans from banks to be allowed.Collateral should be a must for Bank Loans.
20.Stop Drugs menace via taxation etc.This is the reason for many crimes.
21.Stop Keynesian Spending on the diktat of the  G 20,IMF, etc
22.Do not send any Minister to WEF,Davos or in other places.
23.Reduce Debt to World Bank,IMF and ADB,as a rapidly weakening Rupee will make these extremely costly.
24.Do not intervene like for the sake of the Steel sector reducing Duty etc,as Indians will be deprived of cheap items.
25.Do not appoint Private Oligarchs ,employees and US Residents in India's PSUs and Institutions.
26.Do not stop subsidy to any Indian rich or poor,without first having a Social Security Scheme,in place, similar to the West.
27.Disband Niti Ayog.
28.Revamp the RBI.
29.Have 3000 MT Gold in our Forex Reserves,which now essentially is based on Fiat Currencies.Physical Gold in Forex is a must,if India is to weather the Financial Storms,which are created by the vested interests.

30.Reduce Illiteracy in India rapidly on a priority basis.

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