Saturday, April 28, 2012

USA's Financial Terrorism To Keep The Dollar Alive!

 Here Petro-Dollar is of very great use.So the Crude Oil demand has to be high.When the demand for Crude is high the demand for Dollar will also be high.So the Dollar gains strength.Other methods are:-
1.Derivatives, misused to suppress Gold and Silver and keep the Crude price HIGH,as there will be MORE demand for the US Dollar and hence it will remain strong.THIS IS FINANCIAL TERRORISM.Due to this,the economies of other nations are weakened,inflation increased and human suffering increases.The FAIR PRICE of Crude per barrel,  is about $23 to 39 LESS than what it is now!
2.Inflation kept high.
3.Discouraging technologies substituting Crude oil.
4.If all things fail attack those who prevent the Dollar from being strong.Like Qaddafi and Saddam.The sabre-rattling against Iran has also much to do with Dollar trade,as Iran has changed the Currencies,for its crude Oil trade.
To be continued....

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