Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some strange Coincidences Regarding, "under-recoveries" claimed by Indian OMCs

It is well-known that MM Singh prefers MNCs to Indians.The so-called,"under-recoveries" have been exposed in the media as IMAGINARY and NOT REAL.Hence the LOSSES claimed by the OMCs are NOT actually incurred by them.
  A strange timeline of the so-called "under-recoveries" and the Indian OMCs...
1.MM Singh becomes lucky to occupy the top post in India.The prime Minister's job,in 2004
2.Shell,a Rothschilds Co[in collaboration with Total of France], is allowed 100% FDI in petroleum products marketing in India from 2004.MM Singh is,very strongly, suspected to have been PLANTED by the Rothschilds in India.
3.Indian OMCs start claiming LOSSES under the so-called "under-recoveries" from 2005!!!
4.Vikram Singh Mehta of Shell India,advisor to India's Petroleum Ministry for four years!!!

An excerpt from the above link:-
"Subsequently, he [Vikram Singh Mehta] became an advisor to India's petroleum ministry for four years, giving him the edge when it came to working within the maze the government had created for the petroleum sector.
"He is a well-known person within the government and the industry though his role did not require him to be hands-on," says an insider."
        Under-recoveries will help the MNCs and private petroleum products marketing Cos to make mega-profits!
To be continued......

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