Monday, April 23, 2012

World Economic Forum Is unhappy With India's Subsidies!

 The WEF has come out with a report,in partnership with,Accenture, recently making unreasonable and selfish demands on India.
1.It claims that "costly and inefficient subsidies are damaging the economy".It demands that the energy market be made "more transparent" and "efficient" ,for encouraging foreign private Investments,in its report:
The New Energy Architecture:India".
             QEs and printing of notes are also SUBSIDIES.These export Inflation from the hosr nations around the World.These also have to be stopped.Stimuli with tax-exemptions are subsidies. 
            Subsidy should be ;provided where the standard of living is low.India is one such nation,where ths majority in rurla areas,use the one space for defecation.Even in cities near slums this is very common.
            The perks and pays in  India are also far less than in many Nations.       
            A country is NOT for the Businessmen alone.As per Indian culture,Businessmen are only a part of the Society,which constitutes others who may be rich,middle-class or poor.Charity is one of the basis of Indian culture.Subsidy for the poor cannot be removed for the sake of the profit of a few Western and Foreign businessmen.
                    As regards the energy markets being made "more transparent",it is the Western Businessmen who should be transparent.For example they are,reportedly, making huge amounts in Philippines citing the so-called "under-recoveries", in petroleum products marketing.Enron is an example of deregulation,which the Western Businessmen demand.The unregulated Derivatives are damaging the whole Global Economy.Yet the Wall Street bankers are reported to be misusing them in many ways,bankrupting Municipalities, manipulating the prices of Commodities resulting in high Inflation Globally,thus making the life of the POOR, Middle Class and the Fixed-income Groups hell,as these three are unable to make both ends meet,resulting starvation deaths due to high food prices....The Wall Street bankers are also reported to be against REGULATING the derivatives..What sort of transparent system us this?
2.Demands separation of Government from PSUs.
  THIS IS PRIVATIZATION,which means LOSS of Sovereignty.Hence is NOT acceptable.
    During the 2008 Global Financial crisis, the Indian PSU banks were the ones, which saved the nation while,many private Cos lost more than 25 Lakh Crores in Derivatives....
3.The report cites India's inability to meet its energy demands.
     Wheres' THE WATER?The power industries guzzle water!India will face Water shortage if she caves in to the UNREASONABLE and SELFISH demand of the WEC for "more energy".Why the USA has de-industrialized?Transferring pollution and Carbon Emission to India and the MNCs,raking in profits,using India's resources like Water,Power,raw-materials and Cheap labour...?
4. Honest upfront information is needed.
       This can be incorporated in agreements and is expected of both parties.
  Again Foreign MNCs have been untrustworthy as regards the so-called, "UNDER-RECOVERIES"...
Now demands on the WEF:-
1.Fractional Reserve Banking is not acceptable as the bankers become the masters by creating Money out of thin air
2.Unregulated Derivatives are not acceptable.These are a very great threat to the whole world on many counts.
3.DEREGULATION is not acceptable as it will make the MNCs above National and International laws...
4.QEs and STIMULI,which are SUBSIDIES, are not acceptable.
To be continued


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