Tuesday, April 24, 2012

India Sold To The USA And GOI Infiltrated.....

  On 24/4/2012,a day after Pranab Mukherjee,  returned from the USA,after meeting with the IMF,G-20,US MNCs  etc,the UPA Government announced its decision to "deregulate" Diesel price,obviously,under pressure from the USA.This shows that India is being ruled by the USA now.
  The following shows that the Government of India, is also infiltrated,by outside forces.
1.M M Singh became the PM of India in 2004.
2.Shell India,a Rothschilds Co[in collaboration with Total of France], started its 100% FDI,LNG marketing from Hazira,in 2004!Shell India's CEO was Advisor to the Ministry Of Petroleum and NG,Government Of India,for 4 years.Shell India is a Rothschilds Co.GOI infiltrated?
3.The Indian OMCs start reporting LOSSES based on "under-recoveries" from 2004!
  These three significant events have occurred in the same year,2004.In addition M M Singh is,very strongly, suspected to be a puppet of the Rothschilds,who are Advisors to the GOI on Divestment of PSUs....
If the Indira Congress party continues the future of India is very bleak.
To be continued....

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