Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Donations To Foreign Universities By Indians.......

    Foreign Universities,especially those of the USA and the UK are reported to be FRONTS for the;likes of CIA,MI,MI6 etc.They receive a lot of Donation from Indians who were former Students.......In return,it seems,they are PLANTED in positions of influence in the GOI.......or new ones created for their sake.This shows how much India has been infiltrated by various methods.......This enables,these people[the former Students who donate],to be occupied far beyond their age of retirement,while Common Indians have to retire by the AGE OF 60,or take VRS,earlier...
1.Nandan Nilekani
       Donated $ 5 Million,to the Yale University.
He is the Chief of Aadhaar,a Surveillance tool,for One World Totalitarian Government. Aadhaar is also called UID, and is covertly being made compulsorily.
     One of the many examples of a person NOT EVEN ELECTED holding a responsible position in the GOI,deciding the Destiny of India!!!

2.Ratan Tata
                     Donates to Harvard,a reported CIA front.$50 Million
3.Joginder nath,WVU genetics professor,Gifts Art Museum to the University [West Virginia]..
4.Anand MAHINDRA donates $10 Million to Harvard.
5.Anil Ambani gift to Wharton,University Of Pennsylvania.Minimum $ 1 million,as per the link.......
   Anil,Ambani reportedly had a quarrel and broke off relationship[BUSINESS],with his elder brother for becoming an Independent Member of the Rajya Sabha in 2004,with the support of the Samajwadi Party,which has been rescuing the Indira Congress party from the UPA I-days,of the so-called,"Indo-US Nuclear Deal". .
To be continued.........

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