Monday, October 15, 2012

India is in Danger With CRUEL People As Watch-Dogs!

  The present Prez of India,[as on 15.10.2012],has recommended the alignment of the Indian prices of the petroleum Fuels with the Global ones.This is most cruel and shows a lack of knowledge or UTTER ARROGANCE,most probably the latter.India,under the Indira Congress party is controlled by the Blderberg,Rothschilds,Club Of 300 and Club f Rome,of which M M Singh is a member,The aims of Club Of Rome,are,reported to be:-
2.Shattering economics of Nations.
  Gorbachev is,probably, responsible for the "dismantling" of the erstwhile USSR.M M Singh is also doing the same to India,on the diktats of his,Western  Masters.
      Coming back to the matter in question,
His recommendation is CRUEL as:-
1.The income of average Indians is far below that of the International one.
2.Per capita income of Indians is low,even after the MAJOR contribution to the same by a few Billionaires!
     One is surprised by the lack of knowledge and empathy by the "watch dogs".......
Tom be continued.......

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