Thursday, October 18, 2012

J.P.Morgan Has The Permission To "Naked short", Silver?

  Does J.P.Morgan the ONLY dominant player in Silver market,have the permission,from the powers that be,to manipulate Silver markets?
  Ted Butler,seems to think so,in an article dated 15th June,2012.
Add the REPEAL of Glass-Steagall Act to this.This is also known as THE BANKING ACT OF 1933.What do these convey?
That SOME ARE ABOVE LAW,and are themselves the Government.
It is worth noting that M M Singh is trying ti bring a similar situation in India with PPP,NMIZ etc,which will make Oligarchs above law.PPP and NMIZs do not come under the purview of CAG and CVC the main watch-dogs of India.
      India is a Dictatorial or Police State now........
Tom be continued.....

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