Tuesday, October 23, 2012

M M Singh Asks PSUs to Invest Excess Cash Or,Pay Special Dividend.IMF,World Bank,Bilderberg,G-20, Diktat?

M M Singh Asks PSUs to Invest Excess Cash  Or,Pay Special Dividend.IMF,World Bank,Bilderberg,G-20, Diktat?
M M Singh takes orders from his masters,outside India.
      The use of the Funds of LIC to prop up the Stock Markets a demand by Tim Geithner,in 2010,of Pranab Mukherjee,the then Finance Minister.Very few now,that the Stock,Commodities and Currency Markets are for STEALING THE WEALTH of INDIVIDUALS by the Globalist Bankers, misusing the unregulated and highly leveraged,Derivatives.The Globalist Bankers,vehemently,oppose any regulation on either the derivatives or themselves.The Globalist bankers,have INSIDE INFORMATION,due to contact with the GOI.Many,like M M Singh and Montek Singh Ahuliwalia,etc are NOT EVEN ELECTED by the people of India to the Lok Sabha, and are former employees of the IMF and World Bank or have been deputed to these on some pretext or the other. Pulok Chatterjee and Raghuram Rajan are examples.
      The Oligarchs have been offered huge concessions and SUBSIDIES,in the form of STIMULI[IMF's and World Bank's language for subsidy to the RICH]from 2008. Kejriwal claims that his is about Rs 13 Lakh Crores so far and continue to receive them.  
        The Private Cos are, reported to be, sitting on a huge pile of cash.Why,they are not asked to invest,but are offered HUGE SUBSIDIES?Stopping these will reduce the HUGE Fiscal Deficit.But M M Singh wants to keep the same high[inflation,also],to :-
i)ERODE the "wealth" of Indians
ii)Usher in the anti-National and pro-MNC policies.
      M M Singh kis a member,Club Of Rome,just like Gorbachev,who "dissolved" the erstwhile USSR.

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