Thursday, October 11, 2012

Formula 1 At Buddh,Noida,2012,Illuminati Event.....

  Last year F1 took place,very near to Halloween [31/10/2012]e around 28/10/2012.
Countdown to this year's even has started.
  As an example,it is reported on 17/10/2012,that Paris Hilton,a reported porn Artiste will take part in a Fashion Show,in Goa,this month........
  I have started an article on this,because it is an ILLUMINATI GLOBALIST event,cloaked, like many other things,in Sports,Music,Fashion,Movies,etc.Association with Drugs,Alcohol[?],Espionage,Money-laundering and other unethical banking practices in the form of a CARRIER of papers,Money,messages, etc are suspected[by me].F1 and the events associated with it and occurring, simultaneously around the GLOBE,has a very great significance,like acceptance of the host nations in the Illuminati Fold,etc etc.........If one is alert,one can read many things,that may take place in the FUTURE....
a)Gillard visits India in October,2012 and:-
i)Talks about Uranium sales to India.very significant as Australia is very stringent,in matter concerning Nuclear Energy etc, and wants India to sign the NPT.Has M M Singh already done so,as he capitulated to Bush in 2005?
ii)An Indian cricketer is AWARDED BY THE Aussie Government.Confirms the fact,that the Illuminati misuse Sports and related events.....
   Is this a sign of improved relations with Australia? What is the price paid by M M Singh,at India's cost?
                   Australia's Westpac opens its FIRST BRANCH in Mumbai,India,as per announcer today,in Mumbai.
   Social Engineering with the ones mentioned in the above paragraph,is one of the most important aims of F1,Music,Fashion,Movies,sports events in which Cheer Leaders are used, etc.....
   i)Tattoos are being,CUNNINGLY [MIS]used for Navaratri.The following photo is from the Hindu dated 21/10/2102,online edition:-
ii)HERE,I leave ti to the reader to make up his/her own mind.
  Il Duce and M M Singh,promote Aadhaar,a Surveillance Tool,which will become dangerous with such proposed entities,like NCTC,a DHS-clone. By cash payments banks will benefit,as this is similar to Food Stamps,in the USA,in which the US Bankers are reported to be making a lot of money..Inflation will eat away the subsidy amount in the long run.The hand of the World Bank is very strongly suspected.The Father of Aadhaar,Nandan Nilekani,has connections with the yale university,a reported,CIA front.
     From the following photo from the link above,one can judge who the de facto PM of India is!Note how embarrassed M M Singh is!

Watch the Media Hype with Titbits and Trivia.Note the events taking place around the Globe simultaneously.More HYPE.

More Videos before/on BUDDH ,2012 event here.
Subtle attack on India's Sovereignty in India itself,by the Italian Ferrari........Il Duce is an Italian....
Cabinet reshuffle on the day of F1. Foreign influence?F1 has connotations with "F":-FOREIGN?
Salman Khurshid is made Foreign Minister.On 30/10/2012,Cricket Tour by Pakistan approved by the Indira Congress party-led Coalition!!!
 To be continued.....

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