Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are These Connected?

    It is,reported, that the World Bank and IMF use "sugar-coated" words,while trying to Bankrupt Nations,with anti-poor,anti-National and pro-MNC policies.The Cochabamba Water War,in Bolivia,in 2000,is an example.It is reported,that the World Bank,is influencing the Planning Commission,whose Chairman and his deputy,are its former employees,and India's policies,like the Budget,to be presented,tomorrow,16/3/2012 .The timing of the following three,is typical.
1.As per reports,today,the World Bank,has offered India,a soft Loan of about Rs 20000 Crores,for "poverty-alleviation"!Some diversion,as usual is possible.Know what I mean!
2.The Railway Minister announced an "anti-poor" Budget,yesterday[14/3/2012].
3.Pranab Mukherjee,the Finance Minister,announced,a massive,interest cut of 1.25%,to 8.25,on the EPF!
To be continued......

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