Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why MM Singh prefers,the MNCs to Indians and Indian Cos?

Why MM Singh prefers,the MNCs to Indians and Indian Cos?Because,he is a Globalist[anti-National,and hence anti-India/n],member,Club Of Rome[Gorbachev is also,a member,and he is, reported to have betrayed,the erstwhile USSR].
  The following,among others,are disturbing for Indians...
1.The 3 G spectrum e-auction was offered to the Rothschilds,who made Rs 30.5 Crores,as commission.
2.The 6 brokers were,All, foreigners ,namely,Citi,JPMorgan,Nomura,Morgan Stanley, DSP ML and HSBC,in the recent ONGC "Divestment",by auction.
3.All survey and reports are handed over to Foreigners.
    There seems to be a "secret" understanding,among the Oligarchs and Governments, [India and Foreign],as the MNCs are setting shops in India,for her cheap Labour,Resources like,Water,Power,Minerals,Raw materials,Land etc,while the Indian IT Cos,are outsourced jobs.These create unemployment and "poverty" in the West.....
To be continued.......

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