Friday, March 2, 2012

The False Flag:"War On Terror" and the ENTRY and Permanent Stay of the US Military In Host Nations.

    The False Flag:"War On Terror" and the ENTRY and Permanent Stay of the US Military In Host Nations.
    War On Terror is misused by the USA,as also the so-called Al Qaeda which was misused in Libya and is now being misused in Syria. Knowing that the so-called "War On Terror", started with Al Qaeda in mind the whole thing[War On Terror], flies in the USA's face.But the USA is so arrogant due to its Military might that it cites absurd excuses knowing that it cannot be opposed.USA wants Military Bases throughout the World as it wants to form One World Totalitarian Government,against which,opposition from the Majority Community of the host nations is expected.The presence of the US Special Forces in India etc , ostensibly for tackling LeT etc is actually,for this.
    It is also worth noting that the USA tries for "Muslim Outreach" in India,via the Fulbright-Nehru program, thus dividing the nation,as it is against the Constitution of India and is equivalent to,interference in India's religious and other internal affairs.But then,the USA holds other nations in contempt.
   The so-called "War On Terror" has been misused to conquer Afghanistan,Iraq and Libya.It is being misused for DHS in the USA and NCTC in India,to convert the latter into a Police State while the former is already one.NCTC does not make sense,but ONLY to MM Sigh and his fellow-Globalists,as Aadhar,SmartGrid,Natgrid,Digitalization etc will be combined for Surveillance and arrests.More so,as Pakistan IS the source of all Terror as far as India is concerned,but MM Singh and his Indira Congress party want to increase Trade with this nation!!!@
  India's majority Hindus are in danger by the presence of the US Special Forces in India,as they will be the ones who will be nationalistic enough to oppose the One World Totalitarian government of the Globalists,of which MM Singh is one,being member,Club Of Rome.
  Another reason for NCTC may be that MM Singh may be thinking of allowing the USA and Israel,who are reportedly,training Indian troops,to use India's manpower to do the job of these two.In that case NCTC becomes necessary,as DHS is for the USA,after invading Afghanistan and Iraq,fearing attacks inside that nation.If this is the case,it is a cause for alarm for Indian citizens.
To be continued. 

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