Monday, March 5, 2012

Why MM Singh is removing SUBSIDIES?

  The reason M M Singh,a Globalist,member,Club Of Rome, is removing subsidies on the diktats of the World Bank and IMF ,is for WEAKENING the people,so as to usher in One World Totalitarian Government and Technocracy,which will be opposed by them.By weakening them,MORALLY[a porn star has entered Bollywwod,porn stars from the West are legitimate in Fashion Shows in India etc etc.]physically[DEPOPULATION],psychologically,economically,intellectually,SOCIALLY and in many other ways,it is easier to usher in the One World Totalitarian Government,based on Technocracy.One is reminded of the notorious quote of Henry Kissinger;-"Useless eaters".
  There are reports of Food Grains being allowed to rot in the FCI.This has been going on for years.....Aim,seems,DEPOPULATION....
  In both the systems people will be slaves of the Oligarchs.Technocracy will monitor the contribution of individuals to "productivity".This is why the pensions are being STOLEN misusing Stock,Commodity and Currency, markets.As a matter of fact,the WEALTH of individuals and even Nations[that's why there are so many bankrupt nations] are being stolen misusing the unregulated Derivatives,by Speculation.
  Those who do not "contribute" to the oligarchs profits will be considered useless.Is there any wonder,then,that the SUBSIDIES,are being targeted,by the Globalists?
   Subsidies,are being removed for the following :-
1.People will be weak economically
2.Inflation will rise
4.MNCs can enter and exploit the HUGE Market [well-to-do Middle Class],to make mega-profits
5.PSUs will be DESTROYED and PRIVATIZATION will be encouraged on PPP basis.As the latter is not covered either by CAG or CVC no Audit and Probe,are possible.Corruption is the result.
To be continued.....

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