Sunday, March 4, 2012

GMO Dangers.

       With the Budget round the corner,the Media Blitz in favour of GMO has picked up,with MM Singh himself accusing some NGOs of stopping the Bt Brinjal in India,by a Moratorium, and Jayaram Ramesh vehemently opposing his observation.Why the Indira Congress party is supporting GMO?It is under pressure from the USA,which wants to CONTROL Global Food,and take IPRs on plants, vegetables,fruits,grains etc grown by the indigenous people for thousands of years in India.It is reported that Rockefeller planned to use FOOD as a weapon to control nations etc.Activists have thwarted this effort as shown in the case of NEEM,Turmeric,Basmati Rice etc..
        Apart from the greed of the foreign GMO Cos,the dangers of these,GMO Foods have been proven beyond doubt.The following links prove the point further.
Seeds Of Deception
10 dangers of GM Food

       France has BANNED Monsanto's GMO food. Germany is offering very stiff opposition for the same.
To be continued.....

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