Monday, March 5, 2012

Reasons for the Divestment of the Indian PSUs by MM Singh.

1.To offer business to the MNCs.This is similar to the Cochabamba Water Wars, in Bolivia,2000,though Infrastructure is also involved,as in India[proposed]

2.To weaken the people of India,as the Unions in the Indian PSUs have a HUGE membership,and in the scheme of the things [One World Totalitarian Government],the POWER of these will be enormous to be encountered.This is a slow squeezing by the Python,MM Singh,to wring the life out of the UNIONS.
3.To DIVERT some amount,you know what I mean.
4.By totally PRIVATIZING everything,the Govt need NOT pay pension.
5.To convert the Democratic Republic of India into an Oligarchy.
6.Privatization allows employees to be FIRED from jobs easily.This coverts the Government into a Dictatorship.
To be continued.....

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