Saturday, October 15, 2011

China's Threat Being Ignored By The UPA.

   The UPA is GUILTY of FEAR of and INACTION against China.
1.If Stuxnet has NOT woken up the Indian Defence Ministry,God save India from the likes of China, Israel,USA etc...The Stuxnet Dossier.
Stuxnet has cousins.
2. China reportedly is changing its OS for Computers to Unix-based,called "Kylin" in Chinese.India's too was formerly Unix-based.Why did India change the same and allowed herself susceptible to hacking?This is a serious error.
3.China openly infiltrates into Indian territory leaving indication,in utter contempt of India.The UPA keeps these SECRET.Secrecy is maintained about Kashmir and other important matters,by the present Coalition at the Centre.
4.Whatever the "diplomatic" jargon,the presence of 4000 Chinese PLA in Kashmir, occupied by Pakistan is a serious affront and shows that China is India's ENEMY.India's actions and reactions, should be based on this perception.

5.India does not seem to be prepared for a Nuclear first strike by the enemy and there are,at least TWO in the neighbourhood!INDIA DOES NOT HAVE UNDERGROUND TUNNELS FOR THE POPULATION,TO SURVIVE A FIRST STRIKE BY THE ENEMY AND HAVE A DECISIVE COUNTER-STRIKE OF HER OWN.
        China and North Korea are reported to have underground tunnels for the protection of the population from a nuclear strike.
  Perhaps the mega-Corruption indulged in by the UPA is keeping it so,busy that it has no time for other serious and real matters...
To be continued....

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